a drunken night out leads to a steamy affair

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it was a great night out. i had had several pints and was feeling fueled up from the alcohol. it was still on the upward curve of the drunkenness: energetic and brimming with testosterone. my friend and i left the pub and we decided to head to the student residences to see if there were some folk who would be interesting to chat to and ultimately, in the back of our minds, scope out any girls. after a biting cold walk through a forested path we arrived at mackie hall. there seemed to be a small congregation outside smoking cigarettes and chatting. we joined the group and introduced ourselves. very soon we got involved in the conversation and were part of the merriment. an hour passed and it was not long until i could smell some weed and i saw a joint being passed around. i thought why not, so i took a hit and very soon i was on cloud nine. i dont know what took over me but suddenly i was filled with inspiration and started cracking jokes and the congregation had turned into an audience. my friend was laughing so hard that his sides were hurting and he kept begging me to stop making jokes. then i noticed on a bench a girl with a thick head of curly blonde hair, wearing a dark blue jumper and a colourful jacket and jeans. i could see the outline of her ample bosom through the jumper and was immediately struck be her full luscious body. as the laughter ensued i was slowly drawn towards her and ended up directing my jokes to her attention. in the freezing cold i could sense her warmth radiating from her body and as we spoke to each other her warm leg would brush against mine. i immediately felt a surge of energy and continued entertaining the crowd. she had deep blue eyes and marilyn monroe face. gradually the evening wound down and the attendance dwindled, until eventually we were left just the two of us. i was still on form, making observations about the place and she was inspired by my jokes. as we spoke we gravitated toward each other and i told her that i wanted to ask her something but was embarrassed. she told me to be quiet and as i looked toward her she leant over and gave me a kiss on the lips. i immediately guessed she was interested in having a bit of fun. she said i think its time we went upstairs to watch a movie in my room. so i followed her up and we went into her room. we took off our shoes and just before we went in she stopped me and kissed me in the hall, then she started to rub her warm foot against mine which aroused me incredibly. we went inside and and she got out her laptop, she suggested an interesting film, so we started watching. soon after the film started she put her hand on mine, it was not long before we were french kissing and she had her leg crossed over mine. as we kissed she took off her jumper and immediately i felt a wave of heat against my face. she tugged at my jumper and eventually it came off. she pushed me back and straddled me while her tongue was in my mouth. through the jeans i could feel her warm pussy pressing hard against my hard cock and she started breathing deeply. she rolled over and quickly pulled off her pants and i did the same. as we lay next to each other her warm body pressed against mine i was sure that i couldn't last. then her hand brushed up against my cock and she pulled down my underwear and started stroking my cock. i reached over and felt for her pussy and felt that her panties were already soaking wet. we stayed in this position for a few minutes then her hand released my cock and she pressed her pelvis against mine. i felt my cock rubbing against the soaking wet outline of her pussy. i knew eventually i would have to enter her vagina. we were breathing hard as i kissed her neck. i felt her large breasts pushed tightly against my chest. then she pulled off her underwear and mine too. she lay on her back and i moved apart her legs so that i was in the missionary position. my cock was dipping against her pussy. she held it with her hand and guided it in then i felt her legs wrap tightly against my ass and back legs and she arched her back so it pressed against mine. her pussy was pulsating and wet and my cock was throbbing. i started thrusting faster and faster and she started moaning loudly while gripping my arms. she told me she came hard and wanted to continue, this time she pulled my cock out and carefully pushed it into her anus. i felt her asshole squeeze tightly around my cock. i started thrusting again and eventually i came hard. afterwards we lay together and cuddled. as she stood up i saw my juices dripping down her leg.

Written by coffeetime29
Hochgeladen October 17, 2020
Notes a night out on campus leads to a a steamy affair.
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