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Late one night, Lulu entered a late night diner, exhausted from the night but hungry for a snack. Her hair was still soaked from dancing and her breathe was dry and grainy like the dessert: coffee and chocolate pie (with extra whipped cream and of course a cherry?!) or a cold pop and a bowl of Mac and cheese kind of night?!? She wanted both to be honest but the night felt odd, off even. As she sat in the booth and waited for the waitress and her mood to help her decided, Prince started playing on the piped in generic music. Prince. Ha! As the purple power of Prince and his electric guitar played Baby I’m a Star, this cemented to Lulu that she was indeed ready for a cold Coke and some cherry pie! Sweet rule, thanks Prince for the SIGN! The waitress rounded the booth to find Lulu dancing like a silly fool with a straw in her hand like a microphone signing. The waitress was used to Lulu and asked “Pop and pie?” “Yes please, Peg!” “Coming right up, honey. Did you have a good night?!” Peg asked as Lulu pushed aside her sweaty purple hair and showed off her brilliant and confections smile. “I did!” replied Lulu, “only one Creeper and he got the hint after I showed him my fist!” Peg howled, knowing better. Even though lulu had been coming there twice a week for years, she knew Lulu would never fist a fly let alone a grown man, Lulu was all talk but gentle like a lamb. Lulu ‘s smile always have her away and Peg knew when Lulu was truthful and when she was lying to hide it all, and tonight, Lulu was al right. Peg smiled back, wrote the order for cherry pie, extra whip, trio cherry, coke light ice as she scooted to her next booth, another solo top but this time, a dark and quiet man around the age of 40 sat, a little too much still on his breath, BUT, Peg didn’t want to know and didn’t care. She guessed he was a coffee and full meal deal dude and he looked exhausted. Since it was pretty late in the night, or still early as some may say, Peg smiled at the gentleman, and he did not smile back. In fact, he didn’t even look up as he mumbled “have cherry pie?” Now, when anyone orders cherry pie typically so late, they’re laughing at the cherry pie reference or they’re stoned and have the munchies: this guy was neither and was actually serious about some delicious cherry pie and Peg took notice, this guy REALLY wants to enjoy a slice of homemade pie without the jokes of American Pie or vagina holes. “We sure do, one slice left!” Peg said, cheerfully! “I’ll take it and some hot tea, lemon. Whipped cream and ala mode if you can. Make it quick?” the dark guy mumbled as he didn’t look up once, not even to push his black, shiny hair out of his face. He was listening to something, maybe instrumental classical and frivolously writing at the same time while not even minding to Peg writing the order and turning around to place the two tables she now had to service. The place wasn’t busy at all, surprisingly. Maybe it was the holiday weekend and people weren’t out as much, but, she needed to make some extra tips this week and tonight looked slim but, she had a job. Peg entered the information for both orders and gathered the mugs for her two customers. Hot tea, check. Coffee for Lulu and extra cream (the girl loved coffee with her creamer and Peg loaded the coffee creamer carafe up, knowing Lulu loved lots of it and sugar, too). She dropped the tea with the lemon wedge, of course, off at the guy who didn’t even notice the tea had arrived as he absent minded reached for something, but Peg continued to Lulus table and the creamer with coffee supplies she had for Lulu. Lulu was sitting with her long legs crossed and her big eyes starring into the ceiling and Peg stopped to watch her for a minute. Even though she didn’t know everything about Lulu, she knew that her soul was old but her heart was giving, and Lulu always tipped more than she should and always asked about Peg, and when she asked, she knew Lulu genuinely cared to hear the answer. The girl had the most infectious smile when she smiled, but, her smile was genuine to most only when she was happy and she told Peg once she was embarrassed of a tiny chip in her front tooth and a crooked “snaggle” tooth that you could hardly notice. Peg thought her teeth looked pearly imperfect and that they complimented Lulus lips. Pink and not too plump, she always had glossy lips and eyes that were bright and smiling with her lips. She wasn’t smiling now, though, as she stared. Her eyes were filled with watery tears and one trickled down her soft cheek as Peg set the cream and coffee down on the table lightly, not wanting to disturb her trance, however, the tactic didn’t work. Lulu jumped and yelped sharply, scaring even the guy with the tea. All three of them jumped as Lulu yelped, and she snapped back down to earth with a smile and a wiping of her cheek on the back of her hand. “Oh crap, sorry I was daydreaming,” she whispered to Peg. “Oh no, I’m sorry. How are you? I was lost in space, girl! How’s tonight?” Peg smiled back and warmly said “you’re fine, honey. Happens to us all. Can I sit for a min?” Lulu would ask the servers if they wanted to sit with her oftentimes, so, this wasn’t an odd request, and lulu often chatted with the staff as she ate or even just wanted to know more about them, and tonight she seemed to want company and pie with her coffee so Peg stretched her tired feet under the table as Lulu sipped her creamed coffee. “Are you ok, honey? Do you need tissue or a talk?” and Lulu smiled as she crinkled her warm brown eyes and said “No, Peg. Honest, I’m ok. Are you? Slow, huh?” It was but Peg was a worker, and she knew it would pick up. “Yep, but you’re here honey. How’s you? Years and tears do you no good, baby girl” and she stretched more as Lulu knew Peg was trying to be a mom. Lulus mom was close to her but didn’t know about her secret sexual or emotional relationships she had through life and work, but, a slight few trusted knew the whole truth, and Lulu

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Notes Lulu is young and ready for a hot night, but is she? Craig will teach her how to play music but how she can trust to let someone inside her again, and make her come to him over and over. Music is powerful!
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