Stetson's Fertile Virgin

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Chapter One

I shouldn’t be here. Virgins don’t do this. I don’t do this. But I wanted to—which was strange. I never wanted to go anywhere outside school or my aunt’s house without being forced by some obligation someone else usually made for me. My lack of a social life besides track events and appearances had kept me at virgin status at nineteen, whereas my new college friend Emma Davis was nineteen and on her second child—more like third, because she’s the stepmom to an awesome little almost-four-year-old, Colin. I want to be like Emma. I want a husband and babies. I want to change my life.
Emma bounced into the bathroom, joining me, her belly beautifully curved and her tits looking more desirable every day. Big. Luscious. Eatable tits. Perfect nipples. I’d suck her tits, and doing something like that had never crossed my mind before meeting her. I’d even try licking and sucking her perfect pussy, something that I’d never been interested in doing before now. But my mind goes to places it’s never gone when she sits on the ground with her legs bent, her pussy lips open. She shows me her juicy pink hole and it smells so good my mouth waters. When her husband goes down on her in front of me, I get wet. I hate that both of them turn me on, but they do. They’re so sensual and free. I’m so…not. But that was going to change. It had already started to change. The more I hung out with Blade and Emma, the more clothes I took off until I stripped as soon as I arrived at their house. And in my quest to be more open and loving and free with my personal life, I went to Emma’s spa at her insistence—acting on my desires, not leaving them at dreams and worthless talk.
“Wow.” Emma’s blue eyes lit up. “Turn around and bend over.”
I rolled my eyes, but did as she asked. I pulled my ass cheeks apart. “Did the douche and got it waxed.” Being a blonde like Emma makes hair harder to see and laser removal useless, so waxing, according to Emma, was always the way to go.
“Nice,” Emma said. She slapped my ass and giggled.
I jerked up. “Ouch.” I rubbed my ass and winked at her. It didn’t hurt, and I’ve never had a girlfriend I could be so free with.
Truthfully, I’ve never had a real girlfriend. With Emma there is no competition. She never judges me. I love her. I love everything about her. But telling her about exploring her taste and body was still in the wishing and dreaming stages. Part of me hoped that falling for Blade’s friend would change my desire for her, or at least quench the need for intimacy.
“It’s a little cold out, but the pool is heated and we’ve got outdoor heaters around the backyard.” She zeroed in on me and locked me in a hug. Her big boobs and gentle curve of her belly pressed against my back. She grabbed my much smaller tits. “You look fucking hot.”
I covered her hands with mine over my tits. “I don’t feel sexy. You ooze sex. I ooze awkward.”
“My tits are big because I’m breastfeeding and my pregnant belly is sexy. Okay. I do ooze sex, but you ooze innocence with a fuck-me-senseless vibe. Your body is strong and lean and can go and go and go without ever getting tired. Plus, your tits are so fucking perky. I want to suck them.”
I turned around and Emma kissed my right breast and then the left. Heat crept up my face. I liked it. A lot.
Emma pulled me closer and closed her mouth over my tit and sucked softly. She flicked my nipple with her tongue. “Very suckable.”
I moaned. “Yes.” I wanted to hold her head to my breast, but I didn’t.
Emma twined her fingers with mine, squeezing my hands as I squeezed hers. She nuzzled my other tit and drew it into her mouth. “Super sexy.” She lifted her tits and rubbed them against mine. “We should do this out there. Blade will get hot and whisk me away to fuck.”
“If I can help one of us get some, I’m all in,” I said.
“You’re going to get some,” Emma said. “The way you look, Stetson is going to want to get all inside you.”
“I highly doubt that.” I don’t just want dick. I want someone who wants to take care of me, someone I can trust, someone who doesn’t care whether I ever step on a track to run again.
“I’ll kiss you with tongue and heat up the guys. Some girl-on-girl action, and I’ll definitely get Blade’s cock inside me,” Emma said. She pulled her bottom lip into her mouth and my pussy got wet. Emma really did ooze sex. I wanted to get married, but I loved Emma and didn’t want to lose her easy and open caresses.
“Emma,” I said, and the seriousness in my voice scared me. “I want someone who loves me. Who wants a baby. Who wants to pop my cherry and teach me everything there is to know about sex. I want someone who wants to suck my tits, but also wants us to touch like we do. And I want a man who can’t get enough of my scrawny body.”
Emma hugged me. “Willow, you’re strong and sexy. You are not scrawny. You’re an elite runner. You still have tits and you have like no body fat. Blade’s friend is crazy smart and young for all his degrees. I told you how I have a job as a wet nurse for babies and people who need extra nutrients?”
“Yeah,” I said. “Sounds intriguing. The benefits of breastmilk are incredible. My uncle had throat cancer and he drank breastmilk to help with healing. He swears by it and so does my aunt and pretty much everyone who saw him before he started drinking it and afterward. I love that you’re helping people with your milk.”
“So, the guy I’ve been telling you about, Stetson Ross, got a terrible case of food poisoning. Blade kind of forced him to go to me. He got better, but his buddies had been suffering. I nursed them all back to health. Now they come by twice a month for my milk. Stetson is honest to a fault. He told his last girlfriend he drank breastmilk from the tit and she said some terrible things. Blade had a long talk with him and Stetson realized the problem wasn’t the breastmilk, it was deeper. St

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Written by Anna Lores
Hochgeladen September 6, 2020
Notes Willow wants a man but she wants to explore her relationship with Emma. Can she have both?
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