Cum On Me

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As Brandon buckled the last cuff around my wrist, excitement flooded between my legs. “Are you ready for your big surprise?” He asked.
“Good. Lie back on the bed.”
Completely naked except for the leather cuffs buckled to my wrists and ankles, I crawled on the bed seductively giving my husband a view of my round ass. Teasing him, I gave it another wiggle before smiling back at him as I rolled on my back on the large bed. He shook his head as he crawled after me and grabbed my wrist. Pulling it down, he fastened it to my ankle. Repeating the action on the other side, Brandon trapped a wrist to each ankle immobilizing me. My excitement became a river as my juices flowed from me. Climbing off the bed, he dug in the bag we had brought to the hotel and pulled out a ball gag and a blindfold.
“Oh, we are having fun tonight,” I purred as he stepped back on the bed.
“I know what my baby needs,” he soothed as I opened my mouth eager to accept the bright red ball between my teeth.
My jaw began to ache instantly as the ball was placed between my lips. It added to the discomfort of my ankles and wrists being shackled together and immobilized. As he buckled the strap around my head, he cinched it tight making sure I couldn’t easily push it out. Lastly, I looked up at him as he put the blindfold over my eyes. Our eyes met for a moment then I was plunged into darkness. Blinded, the sound of my breathing around the gag in my mouth seemed louder.
“I have a surprise for you tonight,” Brandon told me, and it seemed like he was whispering it in my ear, yet I had felt him climb off the bed. My senses were heightened as I heard my husband walking about the hotel room doing; I don’t know what. A knock on the door made my head snap toward it. “Ah good. They’re here.”
“They?” I tried to say around the gag in my mouth but if came out garbled.
Trussed, gagged and blindfolded, I lay naked on the bed for whoever Brandon greeted and led into the room. I hadn’t been expecting to be put on display. Struggling, I feebly attempted to loosen my binds to no avail. Finally, I accept that whoever had entered the room was going to see me in all my naked glory. Laying there, with my chest heaving from my brief exertion, I tried to determine who had arrived.
“Wow Brandon, you weren’t kidding.”
“This is going to be fun.”
“I didn’t know Cassie was into this.”
“She’s ready for us?”
Five men. As I lay on the bed being viewed by them, I couldn’t believe that Brandon had invited five men to join us. We had discussed a fantasy of a gangbang before but never in my life did I think he would go through with it. I was relieved when Brandon spoke up.
“I’ve explained the rules of the game. Jerk off on her. The last one to come will get the prize. You’ll get to come in her mouth. Undress while I get the camera going.”

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Written by eroticlit
Hochgeladen September 12, 2020
Notes Cassie is expecting a fun night in the bedroom with her husband. Bound and gagged on the bed, she's shocked when four other men join them. She takes it to the next level where even her husband is surprised.
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