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It was just supposed to be a day like any other. A project my colleague and I had been working on for weeks had to be finished that day. A lot of work to be done.

My colleague was a lovely girl, a few years younger than me, a bit shy but always polite and proper and very business-like. I was the envy of my male counterparts working with her every day over the past four weeks. Although she always dressed very dowdily it was evident to most of the males in the office that hidden underneath the creased jacket and trousers, she had a body to die for and they were all willing to make that sacrifice.

I park my car and make my way up to the project room. I’m a couple of minutes early so I use the stairs rather than the lift. We don’t get paid extra for coming in too early. I roughly plan the day out inside my head on the way.

I walk along the corridor, open the door to the project room and walk in. The view of her bottom with skirt riding up to reveal a glimpse of stocking tops and tight white panties surprised and excited me equally. I let out an appreciative gasp then lock the door, glimpsing out of the corner of my eye to notice she’s turned her laptop webcam on. I walk over and run my hand up her left leg and gently caress the bare skin above the stocking top. I pull her back with my other hand, feeling for the opening in her blouse and explore her bare left breast with my fingers. My lips caress the back of her neck left naked from her hair tied in a bun, and feel her shiver with anticipation, all the time trying to control the growing bulge in my trousers rubbing against her bottom. I desperately want her this morning.

I gently push her on to the office chair and unfasten the remaining buttons on her blouse exposing her beautiful pert breasts. I move slowly from breast to breast gently sucking her fully erect nipples which meets with purrs of approval from her. At the same time my right hand has moved under her skirt, into her moist panties and I gently finger fuck her.

She lets me suckle and explore her internally for a few moments before she starts to take control. Pushing my head from her breast and removing my hand from her panties she shakes her index finger at me as if to scold me. I grin sheepishly as she forces herself up from the chair, removes her glasses and kneels down to get a better view of the now large bulge in my trousers. Expertly undoing my belt with one hand and pulling down my zipper with the other she stares approvingly as my hard cock springs out to meet her gaze. I lean forward as she takes it fully between her lips. She sucks ardently, her tongue swirling round the head of my cock as I slide it back and forth in her mouth.

I’m still fucking her mouth, trying hard not to come, when I notice her releasing her hair from its bun and letting it flow down to her shoulders gently tickling against my inner thighs as it does. This has an immediate effect and I can barely control my hard-on, feeling little dribbles of pre-come ooze into her mouth. She can obviously taste this and releases my cock from her mouth only to slide her tongue along the length of its shaft to my balls which she then starts to gently nibble. Her right hand makes its way up my chest until her fingers reach my mouth allowing me to suck them suggestively. I let the sucking and nibbling go on for a couple of minutes before I pull her up from the floor and carefully position her sideways on the desk, conveniently in front of the webcam, and let her legs dangle over the side. I push her skirt up to around her waist then pull her moist panties down, over her stockings and heels, and let them drop to the floor. Kneeling between her open thighs I take her warm moist pussy in my mouth and start eating it vigorously. Groaning with contentment she spreads her thighs further apart and lifts her knees up so I have full access to her pussy to eat her deeper. I look up, smile at her and spread her pussy lips open with my fingers before positioning my full face in her hot cunt. Her pussy is really wet now from my saliva and her pussy juice as she pushes it harder into my face allowing my tongue full access, I reach underneath her, grab her bottom with both hands and allow her to pump violently against my face.

I sense she’s starting to become less enthusiastic about the foreplay now as she pushes my head up and slides fully on to the desk top. I follow her on to the desk and let her grab my large throbbing cock and push the head of it into her gaping pussy. I push it further in and fuck her slowly and gently, then fast and hard, alternating my rhythm as she purrs approvingly. She grabs my bottom with both hands and pulls me deep into her pussy up to my balls. I continue to pound into her, every thrust accompanied by a groan, at the same time sticking my thumb into her bum ring. She gasps as I come heavily into her pussy.

“‘I’m coming, I’m coming” I hear her shout. I wait for her orgasm but it never happens. I waken up, my sticky hand wrapped round my erect cock and look at the wet sheet. Was this all a dream? More to the point was this my dream or was it my dream lover’s? We’ll never know.

Written by wulliebig
Hochgeladen October 23, 2020
Notes This is a sequel to the previously published on YouPorn Erotica 'My Dream Lover'. The storyline is pretty much the same but told from the male perspective, the dream lover!
Best enjoyed after reading 'My Dream Lover'
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