Claire, Her Husband and the Black Bull

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There came a point in Claire’s life when it stopped being just sex. Her body had become used to the intense orgasms he was giving her, one after another. This was followed by her mind and soul. She was doing now what she’d always told herself she’d never do, making love to him. And there was nothing she could do to stop it. Nor that she wanted to stop it anyway.

She had fallen in love with her bull. And her husband knew it.

Her husband only became aware of Claire’s deeper affection for her lover when they had last made love. It was just a few days before the UK had gone into lockdown. There she was, legs wrapped around this guy’s heavy, athletic body. She no longer had her eyes closed, feeling every deep thrust inside her soaking wet pussy. Her eyes were wide open and making contact with his; she was kissing him gently and caressing the back of his neck.

Her wedding ring showed clearly on her finger. She wasn’t thinking about her husband, though. Her husband sat as usual in a corner of the bedroom, watching this young, six-packed black bull pounding his dainty wife mercilessly. In the same way she had opened her thighs to her lover, so too had her heart surrendered itself to him.

She belonged to this black bull.

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Written by blacktulip69
Hochgeladen September 3, 2020
Notes How a strait-laced, conservative-minded, suburban white wife became a submissive, black-cock-hungry slut
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