I Love Trash Day

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Typical Monday morning, the trash needs to be taken to the curb. Today would be a day I would never forget. I get up and go around back to pull my trash cans to the front. I could have never believed what would go on from here. Still dusk dark with a cool dampness in the air. As I get close to my curb, I see my neighbor Heather. Now Heather was a 56 year old brown streaked haired blonde. Body was so put together. She had the perfect round ass, thick thighs, and some perky rough breast. Now I had noticed Heather for a while, we had been neighbors for about 2 years. Both friendly to each other in passing. But on this day, things would be a little different. We were coming off a holiday weekend and everyone had a extra load to put out. As I saw Heather struggling to get her trash out, I decided to give her a hand. I walked over with a pleasant good morning. She had the most amazing smile in response. She had on a long silk robe that captured every single curve she had. It cling to her body perfectly. I was astonished see her hard nipples poke through. She said how thankful she was for my assistance and invited me in for a continental breakfast spread. I walked in and to my behold, she had everything laid out. Little did I know, I was the main course. She took a strawberry and began licking it with her pink tongue. It was so enticing. She walked over to me to let me taste her sweet lips. At the same time she saw that my dick got rock hard, as it stuck through my sweatpants. She reached down and grabbed it. She squeezed and jerked it just right. I began to untie her ribe and began to suck her hard nipples. She whenced and moaned. I reached down and felt her pussy dripping down her thighs. Heather took an orange peel and squeezed it on my dick. She then knelt down and suck the juices off. She sucked it so deep. I leaned against the wall as I grabbed a hand full of her hair to hold her head down and pull her off. I then lifted her up off the floor and bent her over a chair. I gently lifted her robe over her ass. So round, sitting up ready to be fucked. Gently slide my hard dick in her, she held on tight. One slow stroke, deep and passionately. Heather began to whisper, FUCK ME, FUCK ME HARDER. Who am I to resist this beautiful woman. I gave her what she asked for. Oh, I pounded that ass. Then, I began giving it slaps. The redder that ass turned, the deeper I went. She turned around and got down to suck my intensely hard dick. I couldn't hardly resist what she was doing. I grabbed her titties firmly as I wrapped them around my dick. I fucked them as she licked the tip. It became so intense. I lifted her up and pulled out a chair. I sat down and Heather straddled me. Sitting down softly, she didn't wait to ride the hell out of me. Titties bouncing in my face, ass slapping my thighs, I couldn't hold it. I told her I had to cum. She said give it to me, don't hold it. With one hard thrust, I shot up in her so deep, she yelled out. As she got up, I could see the white cream run down her inner thighs. I just had to lick it out. She began to shake and quiver. What came next, I never could have seen. She started squirting all in my face with an enormous gush. She took her hand and rubbed it in my face and licked it off her fingers. I got up and slowly kissed and held her with a hug. She said thanks for helping me with my trash as I walked back to my house

Written by samrothstien45
Hochgeladen September 2, 2020
Notes I so look fowrad to taking out my trash thanks to Heather.
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