The Best Way To Wake Up

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As I hit the alarm clock and looked up at the ceiling, the summer sunshine was already spilling through the window. My mind was already on what I had to do at work but as I lay there, my cock had other ideas. Rock hard and thick, morning wood is, by far, the best boner of the day. When I heard Morgan suck in a deep breath and stir next to me, both my cock and me had the same idea for how the day should start.
Rolling over, I spooned my wife as I wrapped my arm around her and drew her to me. With my erection pressed against her luscious ass, I snaked a hand up under her nightie and took a handful of her firm breast. Morgan sighed contently as she lolled her head back against me and rubbed the sleep from her eyes.
"Mornin Beautiful," I whispered in her ear as I grazed my thumb over her nipple and felt it harden.
"G'mornin." Her sleepy dreamy voice did nothing to quell the erection I had pressing against her. She pushed her ass against me playfully. "Somebody's up and raring to go."
"Always for you Beautiful."
"I'm not sure if that's a good idea."
Ignoring her, I rolled her on her back and kissed her. Our morning breath cancelled each other out as my lips met her soft pouty ones. She smiled up at me again as I pulled away and thumbed her hard nipple again.
"Are you sure?" I asked as I gave her nipple a quick pinch and she giggled and moaned.
"I'm sure. I have a big presentation this morning at work. Having cum leaking out of me all day will be more than distracting."
"You'll shower after were done. It'll be fine," I coaxed with a grin and pushed my cock against her thigh. She ran her hand down and rubbed it gently as if sizing it up.
"God you're so big this morning," she purred then added firmly. "I can't. No, I can't. When you're like this your load is huge. I'll be a mess all day. Guys just don't understand."
Instead of responding, I kissed her neck and moved my hand over to work on her other nipple. As she sighed again and arched her back, my fingers pulled gently at her nipple making it stand as erect as my cock was.
"You're not making this easy."
"Of course not," I whispered in her ear then nuzzled it as I ran my hand down between her legs. "That's the point," I teased. She was drenched already just from my meager foreplay. I knew then that Morgan wanted me as much as I wanted her. She was just playing hard to get.
"I've got an idea," she finally told me as she pushed me gently rolling me onto my back.
"What's that?"
"You'll see."
As I lay me back, Morgan followed with me and pressed her soft body against mine. Giving me a quick kiss, she pushed her leg over me and straddled my hips. With a smile, I watched her sit up on me and pull her nightie over her head baring her breasts. Her hard, pink nipples danced seductively as she threw her nightie on the chair by the bed then cupped them both a second in her hands. Her dreamy smile was gone and had been replaced with a mischievous one.
Reaching between us, she grasped my pulsating cock and her soft hand on it felt amazing. As she worked my tip into her wetness to coat it thoroughly, she whispered, "We'll have to hurry. I can't be late."
I didn't respond as she found her opening and slid down onto my cock. Her warm wetness enveloped me, and I moaned as she impaled herself on my cock. Adjusting her hips, she began rocking on top of me as she steadied herself with her hands on my chest. With my fingers digging into her hips, I guided her as she rode me and watched her nipples moving above me. Running a hand up to her breast, I covered one with my hand and listened to her moan as her hips rocked faster.
"That's it," Morgan crooned as she road me.
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Notes Morning wood is the best boner of the day and morning sex is the best way to wake up.
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