D is DTF (Dana Is Down To Fuck)

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have “know” Dana since we were in high school. Dana is 5’1,super cute with freckles and red hair. She is fun to be around and hang out with. This is one of our escapades.

We have never been boyfriend and girlfriend just more like fuck buddies. Throughout high school and college we have dated other people but always made time to hang out and fuck.

This past weekend I got a text from Dana asking if I wanted to hang out and watch a movie at her parents house, since my girlfriend was out of town I happily accepted. When she told me the time and place…I took a double take and confirmed that she wanted me to meet at her parents house and she said yep.

The day came and I drove out to her parents house. It is a normal sized house with a long wooded driveway. As soon as I pulled up she came bouncing outside in a white tank top (no bra) and a pair of cotton shorts that were too big. She gave me a big hug and a kiss and led me by the hand into the house where her parents were in the living room watching TV. When they saw me they both got up and and gave me a hug and we made small talk. All I could think about is the fact that their little girl was 1/2 naked and DTF. Her parents asked if I would be up for staying for dinner and Dana said YES. Dana took me by the hand and led me to the basement (the door was down a long hallway) as she went down the hallway she took off her shirt and shorts and yelled back to her parents “If you come downstairs Knock First”. Besides looking at Dana naked I was wondering…Did she just tell her parents they should come downstairs unless they give us a warning. Sam led me downstairs pushed me on the couch and we proceeded to kiss and make out. She pulled off my shorts and gave me a nice blow job. She then rolled on her back and I slowly entered her and she let out a quiet moan. She was wet and wanted more so I started to pound her harder and harder and she begged me to fuck her harder. We rolled around and we fucked in different positions…she came multiple times. Her mom opened the door and said that dinner is ready…she screamed ok we will be up in a minute. In order to get me to cum quicker she whispered in my ear that she loves my cock and feeling my cum and that when she is with other guys she actually thinks about me…just then I blew my load deep inside of her. We sat there for a second, composed ourselves and went upstairs.
We both made our plates and were chit chatting, her mom was watching the TV in the living room and her dad playing on his phone. Dana crossed her legs and turned towards me and gave me a perfect view of her freshly fucked pussy. Her freshly fucked pussy that had my cum dripping out of it. She proceeded to tease me by taking the cum out of her pussy and rubbing it on her nipple or on her tongue. We enjoyed the conversation between us and the show that she was putting on while her parents were off in the own little world.

After dinner we did the dishes and Dana walked me to my car and gave me a big kiss and thanked me for the fun night.

The next Friday night I went out with some friends and we wound up meeting up with Dana and her friends which included a guy that she had been dating and my girlfriend. We exchanged pleasantries and started to all drink, laugh and play pool. It appeared as if Dana really liked this guy. As last call was made Dana asked if I was up for a quickie…I looked at what she was wearing…jeans and cowboy boots and I said that I was up for one but her attire was problematic. Also my girlfriend was there. Dana went up to my girlfriend and said that they were going to go outside for a smoke and to catch up on gossip. My girlfriend said sure have fun. Dana took me by the hand and told her beau that she was going to get caught up with an old friend. Her beau was 3 sheets to the wind said sure and he continued his game of pool. As she walked out to her car she took off her cowboy boots and threw them in the air, she then stripped off her jeans and walked to her car naked from the waist down. Once we got to her car she wasted no time in unzipping my pants and getting me nice and hard. We crawled into the back seat where Dana sat on top of my hard dick and rode me until she came at least once. Then she started to scream that she wanted to feel my cum…Not wanting to disappoint my fuck buddy I blew my load inside of her. She crawled off me and sat on the seat with her legs open and let the cum drop out of her. I looked around and she caught my gaze and she said…this is Jim’s new car…I had to clarify…we just fucked and you are letting my cum drip on his new seats?? She said yep..with a sheepish grin. She then gave me a kiss and said…When you walk back to your car can you tell Jim that I am ready to go home. I asked….Are you going to get dressed…She said nope…if he sees that I am naked and adventurous by the time we get home he will be ready to fuck again.

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Notes I have “know” Dana since we were in high school. Dana is 5’1,super cute with freckles and red hair. She is fun to be around and hang out with. This is one of our escapades.
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