Kane Is More Than Able - A cuckold lesson

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When he walked through the door, I knew who he was. He was hard to miss. Tall and hulking with short dark hair and piercing blue eyes, he was exactly what Kristina and I were looking for: a bull. Every woman’s head in the restaurant turned as he crossed the room to our table and pulled out the chair opposite my wife.
“I’m Dalton,” I stammered as I thrust out my hand to him. Kane looked at it a second with disdain before shaking it. His huge hand almost crushed mine. Pulling my hand back, I flexed my fingers as he went back to looking at my wife like he was picking out a prime cut of meat from the butcher’s case. Everything about him was carnal. “This is Kristina.”
“I know,” he told me simply. Of course, he did. We’d been exchanging information online for a week before we set up the meeting.
“We’ve been looking for a bull. Someone dominant to take control and have sex with Kristina so I can watch.”
Kane glanced at me then turned back to Kristina, who so far hadn’t uttered a word as she looked at Kane with a combination of lust and awe. The man truly was gorgeous. “Is he always this stupid? I just told him we talked about all this online.”
“Sometimes,” Kristina replied then giggled like a schoolgirl as she glanced over at me then back at Kane. I began to feel even smaller in the big man’s presence and not just from his size. I decided to keep my mouth shut for the rest of the first meeting.
To my surprise, he reached across the table and gently took Kristina’s hand in his and looked into her eyes. Blonde haired and blue eyed, she was the epitome of beautiful and I often wondered what she was doing with a guy like me with a middle-aged paunch and a small cock.
“Let’s get this party started,” Kane told her, and she smiled from ear to ear.
I decided to break my silence. “I thought this was just an initial meeting?”
Kane ignored me as he stood and pulled Kristina to her feet. “It is. And we’re going to see how it goes.” Kristina stepped around the table as he led her. “Come on, Cuck. You’re coming too.”
“Where?” I asked as I stood and followed the couple. “Kane? Where?” My question was ignored.
The restaurant we had picked was elegant and most of the patrons wore suits and dresses like Kristina and I. Kane’s hulking presence and his jeans, tight t-shirt and tattoos drew plenty of attention as we crossed the dining room. He led us down a hall past a few waiters scurrying from the kitchen with trays and pushed open the men’s room door. I looked behind me as the three of us entered then watched the door close.
“Here? Now? But the door doesn’t even lock,” I whined.
“He really is stupid, isn’t he?” Kane asked Kristina, then turned to me. “Keep an eye out while me and Kristina take care of some business.”
He pushed a stall door open and led her in. Closing the door behind them, the lock clicked into place leaving me standing awkwardly by the sinks. Nervous, I kept looking from the bathroom door to the stall door.
“Mmmm…you’re so strong,” Kristina crooned as I heard them kissing.
“Cuck. Give me your jacket,” came from inside the stall.
“Did I stutter? Give me your jacket.”
“Yes Sir,” I replied as I shrugged out of my suit jacket and handed it over the stall door.
“Now you’re getting it, boy,” came the reply and I watched in horror as my new designer suit jacket was laid on the floor just inside the stall.
A second later, my wife lowered herself to her knees on the jacket and I saw her red pumps sticking out from under the stall door. I looked in horror at her feet then at the bathroom door and hoped no one would come in. The sound of a zipper and a heavy belt buckle clanking drew my attention back to the couple that were on the other side of the metal door mere feet from me.
It was followed by Kristina saying in awe, “It’s so big.”
The sound of wet sucking and slurping met my ears as I knew my wife was sucking Kane’s huge cock. Despite my horror, I felt my cock starting to harden. I watched the hem of her skirt flow back and forth as she moved and sucked the big man’s cock.
“That’s it. Wrap both hands around it. They’ll both fit on it,” Kane ordered, and my mouth dropped open as I wondered just how big he was. Kristina was certainly never able to fit both her hands on my small cock. “Watch the teeth,” he instructed, then the sucking sounds stopped.
“I can’t help it. It’s so thick.”
“Keep going,” he ordered, and the slurping and wet sucking sounds continued. “That’s it.”
Just then, the bathroom door opened, and a man walked in to use the urinal. He walked past the door that hid my wife and her lover as she sucked his cock. The wet sucking sounds continued, and I watched nervously as the man turned toward the closed stall door then looked at me leaning awkwardly against the sink with my arms crossed and an obvious hard-on bulging in the front of my pants.
“What’s going on?” he asked as he zipped himself up.
“Tell him,” came the deep voice from inside the stall. The man looked down at the stall door and saw Kristina’s feet sticking out from under it.
“My wife’s sucking him off.”
“Can I go next?” the man asked, and I angrily grabbed his arm and pushed him toward the door. He left without washing his hands.
The sucking and slurping continued and I heard Kane moan as two big hands gripped the top of the stall. Kristina was doing her best for him as he enjoyed her lips wrapped around his cock. A minute later, I saw a hand disappear and heard the shutter click on his phone as he took a picture of Kristina sucking his cock.
“Hey, that wasn’t part of the deal,” I whined.
“Shut up, Cuck.”
Obeying, I closed my mouth and felt my cock pulsating in my pants as Kristina gave Kane a blowjob. The wet sounds coming from inside the stall quickened and I watched the hem of her dress moving gracefully back and forth as she bobbed on his cock. To my horror, the bathroom door was pushed open again as two college age guys came in and crossed to the urinals. One stopped and grabbed h

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Notes Introduced to being a cuckold by a bull, the guy isn't ready for what happens when his wife sucks and fucks another man in front of him.
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