[Monstergirl] The Vixen 1: Servant

Chapter 1: [Monstergirl] The Vixen 1: Servant
  • Chapter 1: [Monstergirl] The Vixen 1: Servant
  • Chapter 2: [Monstergirl] The Vixen 2: Lover
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When I lost my job and joined the army, I didn’t think I’d ever see any real combat. With the Islamic State already bombed to hell and everything gone quiet in the Ukraine, I expected to be pushing papers around an office somewhere with an occasional visit to a firing range.

Well, I saw combat alright, but can you really call it combat when your side gets its ass resoundingly kicked? In our defence we were up against an army we hadn’t been trained to fight: an army of monsters from another dimension. Not tentacled monstrosities (although there were a few kooky looking things like that among them) - real monsters, like in the storybooks: centaurs and harpies and fox people and wolf people and lizard people. Our war was against a bunch of fairytales, and like in the fairytales they had magic.

Oh yeah, and dragons. It turned out tanks and helicopter gunships were no match against dragons.

Nothing's really a match for dragons.

Don’t ask me for any details of this first battle against the therians: you probably know more about it than I do, especially if you’ve ever watched more than five minutes of the History Channel. No, I didn’t really see much combat since I ended up on the receiving end of the swing of a dragon’s tail about five minutes into our initial engagement. I was knocked off my feet into the air and when I landed everything went black.


Being dead didn’t seem so bad. I was aching all over but I was also warm and everything was peaceful, except for a rather annoying beeping sound.

Beep. Beep. Beep.

I opened my eyes and realised I wasn’t dead. I was in a hospital, lying in a bed with the sheets pulled up to my neck.

I grabbed the sheet and pulled it off. I wanted to check if I had everything. Apart from the bandage around my torso everything was where it should be. I made doubly sure my dick was still there.

A leg I could do without, damn, even a leg and an arm. But I was very attached to my dick.

I lay back. My ribs ached. So that explained the bandage. I lifted a hand to my head. Yeah, another bandage there, too. I must have landed on my head after taking that spill thanks to the dragon.

I lay there wondering what had happened to everyone else. There was a curtain around my bed so I couldn’t see how full the ward was. From what I'd seen there had to be more casualties, though.

The curtain was swept aside while I was looking at it and a woman dressed in white walked in, her face buried in a clipboard. Ah, the doctor. She’d have some answers.

“How are you feeling?” she asked, not bothering to look up.

“Okay I guess,” I said. “My ribs are aching like hell, though. Say, doc, how did the battle end up? We won, right?”

Soft laughter from the doctor. “I’m afraid not.”

She looked up from her clipboard and I saw then that she wasn’t human. Her skin was green, shimmering with the soft glistening of scales. Her eyes were large and turqoise, the pupils slitted like a reptile’s. I scrambled back away from her and she smiled with a mouth full of needle-sharp teeth.

“Don’t be alarmed,” she said. “You’re safe here. Your government has surrendered to us unconditionally so you’re no longer an enemy.”

I slumped back against the head of the bed. “We... we lost?”

She nodded. “Badly.”

I relaxed, then. So the war was over. I’d survived. We’d lost, but I’d survived.

“So when are you sending me back home?” I asked.

The doctor chuckled. “Oh, you’re not going home. The surrender was unconditional. As soon as you’re well enough to work, you’ll be found a job suited to your abilities.”

“You’re enslaving us?”

The lizard woman sighed. “’Enslavement’ is such an unpleasant word. Think of it as more of a ‘hostile takeover’. The Therian Empire has a labour shortage, so you’ll be working for us, now.”

“As a soldier?”

She gave my arm a squeeze and laughed. “Not likely with those puny muscles! Now get some rest and heal up quickly.”

She turned and pulled the curtain closed with her long, scaly green tail.


The hospital filled up with wounded soldiers quickly and I soon learned that what the scaly doctor had said was true: we’d lost the war only a short while after it had begun. Most of the guys, like me, were resigned to their fate, but some caused trouble. That only happened a few times, since an alarm would spread through the ward and orderlies would appear - oni, I learned later - and the troublemakers would be manhandled and swiftly sedated.

I wasn’t in the ward for long. Their medicine was better than ours and there was some magic involved, too, although it seemed my wounds weren't serious enough to need magic beyond some cursory scans. The doctor gave me a clean bill of health and I was escorted out of the hospital.

My first view of the world outside as I was bundled onto their equivalent of a bus and driven away was a shock to the system. I was in a big city, with tall buildings all around, but unlike our blocky skyscrapers the buildings here in the Therian Capital were whimsical masses of minarets and spires. The streets were filled with monster people of every variety, the air, too, with flying monsters such as harpies and tiny fairies. Occasionally, a huge dragon would pass overhead.

I sat at the window gawking with my fellow passengers. But our awe and amazement at the sights was tempered by the anxiety of the fate awaiting us.

The bus arrived at a large building and we were escorted off. Although we felt like prisoners, we weren't shackled: I guess we had nowhere to go even if we did escape.

We were taken into a room and told to sit down in front of a huge screen. We watched a movie which told us all about the world we'd found ourselves in.

The guy beside me jogged me with an elbow. “Hey, buddy. You noticed how almost all the important jobs here are done by women?”

I had noticed. The officer who was in charge of us here was a woman as well, a wolf person - a lupine, I

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Written by taiyakisoba
Hochgeladen August 23, 2020
Notes When a human prisoner-of-war is forced to become the servant of an arrogant fox-girl, he decides to bide his time and wait for a chance to escape. But extricating himself from the clutches of that mocking, manipulative vixen proves more difficult than he ever expected...
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