Total Control

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Excerpt from novella Wanted: Total Control
“Show me what you are offering.” He pulled the chair back and me to my feet. “Shoes off.”

I kicked them off then stood still in the black as Mr. Thomas unzipped my dress then slipped it slowly off my body.. I strained to hear him. Was he looking me over? Judging me? Did he like what he saw?

“It is a treat to see what I’ve imagined for months. Do you always wear black lace?”

“Not always. I have other colours.”

He remained silent. “Mr. Thomas?” I asked.

“Tonight, you can call me Sir.” His voice rough, scratching my back.

He grabbed my hands from my left. “I’ll lean you on the table.”


“This is a chocolate cake moment, Miss. Focus on the experience, not what is coming.”

I tried to follow his instructions, but my mind twisted with wondrous possibilities. Forced orgasms, denial of orgasm, maybe he’d take off his belt and tie my hands or whip me. Each thought was another strand of arousal binding my body.

He leaned me on the table, my forearms supported my upper body. Mr. Thomas adjusted my panties and rubbed his palm over the curve of my ass. “So lovely and pale,” he murmured.

Crack! His hand slapped me and I cried out. Hot pain bloomed where he’d left a

“Breathe for the other side.”

Smack! I gasped. Another blossom opened inside me. The next blows came closer together without comment.

The sting released after a few hits. Instead, I leaned into his palm as the pain melted into my muscle.

Maybe he realized I enjoyed it or he wanted more. The hits came harder until I whimpered and trembled. Fear gripped me as I jolted off the table. Too hard, too much pain. Would the night end here?

“So lovely and pink. Beautiful. How was it?” Mr. Thomas caressed my ass.

“I almost said stop, Sir.” I was glad I wore the blindfold; it hid my tears.

“You handled it well. I hit harder than I would normally begin, but I knew you could handle the challenge.” His fingers brushed away tears on my cheek. Not so hidden.

I pushed up then leaned down. I gave him control and he didn’t order to me stand. Mr. Thomas’s fingers moved between my legs. My coarse lace panties were slippery. “I enjoyed the pain more than I imagined.”

“And if you aren’t sure you enjoyed it, your body knows it did.”

“Did you?” I choked out. Why was I nervous?

“I haven’t been this hard in months.” He pulled me up and around and pressed my hand to his erection. I wondered about the reaction on his face. Details, such as nonverbal details were lost in the darkness. I knew Mr. Thomas, but most of my job was reading his body language.

My fingers massaged him, and he dropped his hand in silent consent. His dick strained for more touch. He was big and growing as I stroked.

He pushed my hand away. “I didn’t eat dessert.”

“I don’t know what you mean.” Those words I’ve spoken a thousand times on the job. They were difficult at first, but they became easy.

He pushed me on the table. “Lie down Miss Sharpe. You are my dessert.”

I eased back, my body shivering. “Chocolate cake moment,” he reminded me. “Feel the table under you.”

I focused on the cool wood on my back as he pulled my panties off. I was glad to hide behind the blindfold as he exposed my body. The cool air licked my damp inner thighs, sending shivers racing through my flushed skin.

“Your pussy is as pink as your ass.” He rubbed the mound of flesh before peeling away my layers. There is no tease of fingers, just his mouth on my swollen pussy. He sucked on my clit and I nearly came. I gasped when he pulled away before the climx hit, denying me what I wanted. I choked on frustration, as my heart pounding through my ears drowned out any noise he made. Then he pressed his mouth to my slick pussy and licked the new wave of arousal, until I shuddered.

“Jesus, I don’t know if I’ve made a woman this wet.”

“I’ve never been this wet.”

His tongue was inside me, lapping each new drip. Then he’s back on my clit. I tried to relax into the experience, instead of wrapping my legs around him and riding his face to orgasm.

If I chased the pleasure, he’d deny me. Instead, I focused on the throb of my clit under his velvet tongue.

He used his teeth and lips and tongue to spin my arousal. “Don’t hold back,” he panted.
“I’m not. I’m… enjoying… the… moment…”

I shivered as I felt Mr. Thomas' lips draw back into a smile against my pussy before he licked me from bottom to top. He licked me again and I tensed. He sucked and I tightened. The scrape of his teeth broke me. The pleasure rushed my body, shaking from every cell.

Being focused on the moment made it the easiest orgasm I’d experienced.

I was still snapping with ecstasy as he sat me up.I was still snapping with ecstasy as he sat me up. Into a puddle and a kiss, my taste flooding my mouth.

He kissed me, my taste flooded my mouth.

“No one has taken my direction so well as you. I shouldn’t be surprised but you always manage to exceed my expectations.”

He pulled away the blindfold, bringing me back to the light and smoldering intensity of his eyes.

This was only the beginning.

Written by Asrai Devin
Hochgeladen August 21, 2020
Notes When Emma Sharpe finds her boss's personal ad, she makes herself a candidate for a new position.
Wanted: Total Control
I am a professional man, age 43, seeking a woman age 30-40 to be under my sexual control. Impact play, pain tolerance, light bondage and total submission required. Possible long term arrangement.
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