Wild Ride - Rescued and Dominated By a Dangerous Stranger

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After about an hour, they were going down a long stretch of straight road, rather than the twists and turns much of the road had taken, when suddenly the bike turned onto a dirt side road. Marissa tightened her arms around him at the jarring motion.

Killer spun the bike around, facing the road they’d just left.

Then she heard it. The sound of engines. She glanced back the way they’d come and saw them coming over the top of the hill, still quite a ways away. Six motorcycles. Her heart raced.

“Fuck, did he bring his whole crew with him?” He grabbed her wrist and she felt him tug the bracelet free. “Damn, I should have realized you’re staying at Eden.”

He threw the bracelet along the road in the direction they’d been going.

“Why did you do that?” she asked.

“There’s a GPS in the bracelet. That’s how they’re tracking us.”

The bike lurched forward and he drove along the bumpy dirt road. He took a few more turns along the way, clearly determined to lose their pursuers.

They traveled for quite a while before he finally pulled over again.

He dismounted and dropped his helmet on the seat.

She stared at him, her eyes wide and her heart beating erratically. “Do you think they’ll find us?”

He shook his head. “You’re fine.” He glanced at her speculatively. “You want me to take you back to Eden?”

Although the whole island was called Eden, the locals tended to refer to the castle itself as Eden.

She shook her head. “I assume he knows that’s where I’m staying. I don’t think I’ll be safe there.”

“So you’d rather keep riding around with me?” His hard stare pierced through her. He frowned. “You make some interesting choices. We’re alone in this isolated place. Just the two of us. You’re not afraid of what I might do?”

His words sent a shiver through her. “Like what?”

Stupid words. She didn’t know why she’d said them. Except to challenge him.

Which, as he stepped close to her, she realized wasn’t a good idea.

He grabbed her face between his hands and captured her mouth with his. His tongue drove deep into her mouth, filling her. Consuming her.

Overwhelmed by his closeness, his masculinity, his power, she stiffened. As his tongue continued to plunge into her, she was overwhelmed with tumultuous emotions. Was it fear? A little. But also intense, almost consuming desire to totally submit to him.

She gasped as he pushed her back against the hard, thick trunk of a tree behind her. His hand glided down her neck, then sharply tugged down the zipper of her jacket. His hand slid inside and he cupped her breast, squeezing it lightly. She sucked in a breath as his thumb found her hardening nipple and rolled it roughly.

Oh, God, she should be frightened, but instead excitement hummed through her.

“What if I took you right here right now against this tree?” he said roughly.

She just stared into his blazing amber eyes, overwhelmed by his closeness.

“What if I drove into you and rode you until you screamed out my name?”

“I don’t know your name.”

He glared at her, his savage golden eyes crackling with anger, though she didn’t know why.

“It’s Killer.”

The dangerous implications of his name sent a chill through her, despite the depth of desire glazing his words, but then he drove his tongue deep into her mouth again, searing away her thoughts. His body pressed forward, crushing her against the tree. He squeezed her breast, then tugged her shirt open, scattering buttons, and slid his hand inside, now caressing her naked skin. When his fingers dipped under her bra and he pinched her hard nipple, she gasped.

His hips pivoted forward, pressing his big, hard bulge against her.

“You haven’t answered me.”

Her heart pounded as she stared at his golden eyes, like a predator’s. She tried to slow her erratic breathing by drawing in a deep breath, conscious of his gaze burrowing through her.

His name was Killer. He was a dangerous man.

Uneasiness seeped through her.

“What if…” She sucked in a breath again, building up her courage. “I asked you…” She tried to catch her breath as she stared into his blazing eyes. “Not to?”

Sparks flared again in his amber eyes. She was conscious of his hard, muscular body crushing her to the tree, his big cock hard and thick against her. Despite her unease, her insides cried out to feel that big member inside her. Her vagina tightened in anticipation.

Then he scowled and released her. He stepped back.

She hadn’t really believed he’d back off.

She hadn’t believed he’d take her against her will, either, but he must know that his extreme masculinity, and dominant authority over her made her melt. It would be so easy for him to have her swooning in his arms.

He’d already proven it.

But he turned away now and started toward the bike.

* * *

Killer didn’t know what the hell had come over him. He didn’t coerce women to have sex with him. He didn’t let his gonads dictate how he treated a woman, no matter how intense his desire for her.

And this woman had him hot beyond belief.

But she was far too trusting. Far too willing to put herself in harm’s way. A part of him had wanted to scare her into rejecting him.

“Wait,” she said.

He turned back and gazed at her. Fuck, she was so sexy standing there with the zipper of her jacket half pulled down, her shirt underneath disheveled with the swell of her naked breast peering out. His body clenched at the memory of her soft, silky flesh in his hand. Of the feel of her hard nipple between his fingertips. And the soft murmurs of pleasure she’d made, that he was sure she wasn’t even aware of making.

“What?” he said sharply, wanting her to straighten up, and cover up, so he could put these unsettling memories behind him.

“I didn’t say I wanted you not to.”

His gaze shot to her face and the need in her eyes spiraled through his gut and drove him toward her in two long strides. He

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Written by Opal Carew
Hochgeladen August 20, 2020
Notes From New York Times Bestselling Author Opal Carew. Marissa is rescued from
a gang of bikers by a lone rider, but now fears she is in more danger than
ever from this powerful, dominating man. The potent chemistry between them
leads to Marissa submitting to his overwhelming masculinity and begging him
to take her. (A scene from Wild Ride.)

This emotionally powerful sexual situation includes domination, submission,
foreplay including oral sex, passionate sex with penetration, potent
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