So Fall For Me

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I don’t know how old Jesse’s girl is. Twenty-three, maybe? It’s hard to tell with Asian girls, and even harder when there’s an ageless demon sharing her body.

It’s been three months since all Hell literally broke loose. Some shit about the Seven Seals opening and unleashing the apocalypse—I haven’t been a practicing Catholic since I was eight, and Jesse might still pray the rosary, but he sure as hell doesn’t adhere to the “no premarital sex” and “no contraception” rules. In any case, neither of us knows jack about what got the end of the world going. All we know is that it started with a magnitude 8.1 earthquake hitting South LA and splitting the earth open, creating a pathway to the underworld that demons could come through.

It’s funny. I grew up with The Exorcist and The Conjuring, but now that it’s the actual apocalypse, things in LA are less White than in the movies—as usual. Less Catholic, too. I didn’t even know that there are Mormon exorcists, or Taoist ones. Turns out China has a whole-ass exorcism tradition going back hundreds and thousands of years. But all the exorcists set aside their religious differences when demon possession became too real of a problem to ignore.

Whatever the apocalypse movies like to say, it’s not good to be a lone wolf when your chances of survival are already low. Jesse and I have known each other since we were four; he’s as close to a brother as I have. So when LA became a clusterfuck, I headed out with him and his girl to find a smaller town where things might be less apeshit.

Jesse’s girl is named Karen. I think they met at the supermarket, something wholesome like that. She’s got a sweet smile. Thicker than your average Asian girl, nice handfuls of tits and ass. She’s modest, thoughtful, and kind, with a streak of dark humor through her. She’s been a good influence on Jesse. He’s got his own demons, there long before the underworld broke open. But he’s mellowed out in the year or so they’ve been together, and she’s clearly important enough to him that they hit the road together.

The demon inside Karen is named Bazoniuth. Fuck if I know whether demons have genders, but let’s just say Bazoniuth’s a “she.” Bazoniuth possessed Karen shortly after the earthquake. When she’s in control, Karen’s pupils go wide, turning her eyes black and eerie. Bazoniuth is wicked and all too willing to hurt people. When Bazoniuth first took over, it was like Karen disappeared, even though she was standing right in front of us. Bazoniuth would tell Jesse all this shit, break him down, and he’d get pissed and do something dumb. His knuckles are scarred over from punching walls. But then Karen surfaces again, and he can’t let go. There aren’t any exorcists on the road, though. We won’t be able to find one until after we’re settled down somewhere, whenever that might be.

Karen’s been able to come out more since when she was first possessed, though. She’ll still need an exorcist, but she’s tough as hell and clawing her way past Bazoniuth’s influence.

Which only makes Bazoniuth try harder to fuck things up the next time she’s in control.


Written by December Seas
Hochgeladen August 19, 2020
Notes All Hell has literally broken loose on Earth. Jesse, Karen, and Ronnie are on the road together in search of a peaceful town to rebuild their lives in, where Karen can be safely exorcised. But when the demon inside Karen turns her eyes to Ronnie, will he resist, or will he go behind his best friend's back for a monster?

m/f(/nb), female dominant, mixed race relationship (asian/mexican), bisexual male character, cheating, demon possession, resolved dubious consent. 3,500 words.
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