Pleasuring Our New Neighbor

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As I wiped the sleep from my eyes, I wasn’t sure what had woken me. Moonlight still streamed through the window across from the bed and I lay for a second listening to Kyle breathing deeply next to me. Stealing out of bed, I padded to the window and stood for a second watching the moon cast its unearthly glow across the yard. Movement caught my eye next door.
Our new neighbor, Darren, was swimming in his pool. Watching him for a few minutes as he swam laps, I suddenly leaned forward and concentrated more on his figure moving through the water. Darren was naked.
“Oh my,” I whispered as I watched our buff neighbor gliding effortlessly through the water.
In his early thirties, with baby blue eyes and closely cropped sandy hair, Darren didn’t have an ounce of body fat on him and reminded me of Channing Tatum. So much so, that when we first met him, I was at a loss for intelligent words while I stammered like a schoolgirl trying to talk to her first crush. In short, he was gorgeous.
I was riveted on his form gliding through the water as I watched his ripped arms slicing the water with each stroke. His muscular legs kicked like a machine causing my eyes to be glued to the flexing of his muscular ass as he swam.
“What’s going on?” Kyle interrupted my stalking as he stepped up beside me.
“Oh, just watching the moonlight. It sure is bright out,” I lied.
“It is. Plus, Darren’s skinny dipping I see,” Kyle grinned down at me knowing he had caught me spying on our neighbor.
“Oh? I hadn’t noticed,” I lied again.
We both knew I was lying as we turned our attention back to our exhibitionist neighbor doing laps. His muscular ass rose and fell in the water as he kicked, and his sinewy arms sliced the water with barely a ripple. After several minutes of spying, we were both disappointed when he finally stopped, and the show was over; or so we thought.
As Kyle and I watched, Darren stood up and the water ran from his ripped torso in rivulets as he made his way to the shallow end and started walking up the stairs.
“What the hell?” escaped Kyle’s lips as we watched Darren exit the water.
“Oh, my word,” I added to Kyle’s exclamation as we both watched Darren’s penis emerge the water. The man was huge. It hung between his legs reaching midway down his thigh and even from our second story window and over a hundred feet away, we could see it hanging prominently between his legs. Long and thick, it swayed with every step he took. When Darren picked up a towel and began rubbing his hair vigorously, I watched mesmerized as his cock swayed even more like a heavy pendulum.
“That’s a horse cock.”
“I’ll say,” I agreed and tried to keep the lust out of my voice. My eyes were glued to Darren’s cock.
Darren finished drying off as we watched then Kyle and I both stood stock still when he surprised us both by looking up at our window and waving. With a grin plastered on his handsome face and his huge cock hanging between his legs, he waved at us and we both knew we’d been caught spying. Kyle jumped back and closed the curtains quickly as I stared at him.
“He saw us,” I gasped as my face flushed.
“I don’t think he cared.”
“Would you with a body like that?”
“You mean with a cock like that? That was the biggest cock I’ve ever seen,” Kyle added as we stared at each other then broke out laughing.
“You’re big too, honey,” I lauded him after our laughter died off to nervous giggles.
“Not like that.”
“Come here, stud,” I told him as I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him. I felt his cock harden against my stomach as we kissed. “Let’s go back to bed,” I added sexily as I bit my lip and took his hand.
In bed, we made love. Kyle knows every inch of my body and as we moved together, I enjoyed him being inside me. As my orgasm finally reached its peak, I cried out softly, “Kyle.” It was a struggle not to call out Darren’s name.
The entire time Kyle was inside me I was fantasizing about Darren and his perfect body. My thoughts were filled with having his huge cock in me.
The next evening when we returned home, we found a note on the front door.
Hey Kyle and Tiffany, I saw you watching me swim last night. You should join me tonight. Never mind the swimsuits. The water’s nicer when you’re naked. — Darren
I looked at Kyle with dread as I handed the note to him. “What should we do?”
“I don’t know,” he added as he unlocked the door. We were both in shock.
As the sun went down, I could feel the tension rising between us. We stayed up later than usual, neither one of us wanting to be the first one to go to bed. When we heard a telltale splash from next door, we both knew the time had come to decide what to do. I surprised myself when I made the decision for us.
Rising from the couch, I looked at Kyle. “Let’s go swimming.”
He didn’t answer me but followed me to the hallway closet and took the towel I handed him. In the kitchen, we didn’t make eye contact as we stripped off our clothes and wrapped the towels around us. As Kyle covered himself, I took a last look at his cock. Nicely proportioned and a good size, it didn’t compare to Darren’s, and I wondered for a moment how I was going to keep from gawking at our neighbor the entire time were swimming. Kyle pulling the back door open, drew me from my musings as we stepped out into the warm night and began our trek around the fence to our neighbor’s place.
Darren glided through the water like Aquaman. His bare muscular ass rippling with every stroke added to the comparison. Up close, as Darren swam naked, I confirmed there wasn’t an ounce of fat on his body. He was incredible.
Seeing us, a huge smile broke across his face. “I was hoping you’d join me. I saw you watching me last night.”

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Notes When a couple spies on their new neighbor skinny dipping, they have no idea that their voyeurism will take them both to places they never dreamed they would go.
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