The Trainer, Her Client and Her Black Bull Boyfriend

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Hey, girl, fancy being in my bubble?

Nancy’s voice sounded as upbeat as usual. Barbara (Babs to Nancy and Lee, Barbara’s boyfriend) had just come out of the shower and was in the process of putting lotion on her body.

What do you mean?

Nancy chuckled. Well, you know what the government’s just said. That you’re allowed to form a bubble with x amount of people. You, Lee and I could form a bubble and use my indoor gym to work out.

Barbara smiled. Yes, I’d love to be in your bubble! How you getting on?

Oh, well, you know. I miss you guys, but it hasn’t been all bad. I’ve switched to online teaching. At least I’ve got plenty of space here at home, plus the required equipment so I can exercise comfortably. I do miss the gym, though.

I bet you do. We all had so much fun together! Barbara thought back to pre-Covid times when she, Nancy and a couple of other women frequented the gym on Uxbridge Road. They’d all met there and hit it off immediately. Nancy was a former dancer who’d gone down the fitness business route. She began coaching the women and in time they all became friends. They were still Nancy’s clients, though, but with the added bonus of friendship. Nancy could well have used her big house to host them all but the gym provided a neutral space without the faff of hosting or tidying up after. Occasionally, Barbara’s boyfriend, Lee, would pop by to say hello and crack a joke or two with her girlfriends. Barbara noticed that his presence was not unwelcome at all by the other women. In fact, more than once she even caught Nancy checking her other half out. And yet she didn’t mind.

How about you? Last time we spoke you told me that you and Lee were working out in Pitshanger Park. How did that turn out?

Oh, that was great, Nancy! We still go there three or four times a week. So, what’s the plan?

The plan was not quite what Barbara had in mind. As a plan, that was. Her friend and trainer, Nancy, had other ideas.

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Hochgeladen August 18, 2020
Notes A MILF builds a “sex bubble” with a hot younger couple. Straight after an intense workout and with one of the women's boyfriend in the shower, events take a turn for the better.
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