My Wife's Ass

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I watched my wife’s ass as she walked by me in her tight jeans.
“A fine ass like that needs a dick in it,” I told her with a grin and waited for her to hit me or give me a sarcastic retort.
Usually, that’s what happens even when I smack her ass and tell her that I’m glad her ass is mine. But I was feeling horny and her ass looked like it needed fucking. Besides, I couldn’t remember the last time we had anal sex.
Stopping in the bedroom door, Diana turned back to me and smiled. “Then you better get in here and do something about it.”
She walked into the bedroom with a sly smile on her face as I watched her ass sway with each step. I practically vaulted off the couch to follow her. By the time I got to the bedroom, she was already stripping off her jeans and top. In just her panties and bra, she gave me another smile then turned her back to me. She unsnapped her bra then made a show of sliding her panties over her wide hips and down her legs. Bending over, she smiled back at me as I stared at her big round ass. I had a perfect view of the hole she wanted me to fill.
“What are you waiting for?” Diana prompted with a grin as she caught me staring.
I started ripping off my clothes as she opened the drawer in her nightstand and tossed a bottle of lube onto the bed. I was just finishing undressing as she crawled on the bed and presented her juicy ass to me.
“Lick me first. Get me warmed up,” Diana said to me over her shoulder as I crawled on the bed behind her.
Burying my face in her ass, I set to work eating her out from behind. Her moans and her ass flexing around my face as I breathed her musky sent and tasted her pussy brought my cock to full size. I tongued her wet hole and worked my thumb into her slit to rub her clit as she pressed her ass back to push me deeper into her. After several minutes, I finally freed myself from her cunt and knelt behind her.

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Hochgeladen August 18, 2020
Notes Loving my wife's ass, I'm surprised when she wants me to fuck it but not before I bury my face in it.
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