Dangerous Desire

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Ever since our new semester started l loved Mr. Roberts' course on comparative European literature during the renaissance. But it wasn't only his extensive knowledge and charisma. I mean, who am l kidding. He looked fucking hot. l know this sounds very stereotypical, but l felt really attracted and by that l mean that my intellectual and physical appetite was whet by him. Speaking of wet, because that's exactly what happened to my lady parts whenever l thought of him. But l was not ready for what l was headed for. You should always be careful what you wish for, l learned that lesson the hard and rough way.

On the day of the excursion to the museum I spent an extra fifteen minutes on doing my makeup. I was choosing what to wear and had to make a decision between two dresses - one green slip dress and one red wrap dress. I knew I looked good. I wanted to be sure.

My heart skipped a beat when I saw Mr. Roberts waiting in his car downstairs. He had offered a ride to another student and me because we happened to live in the same neighborhood, and we’ll meet everybody else at the museum.

“Good morning Mr. Roberts. Where is Liam?”
“Good Morning. That’s a lovely red dress. He called in sick today. Hop in, we’ll head there together.”

While sitting in the car l realised he found my little notes and drawings. Very explicit ones too. I couldn't help but daydream about all the ways l would like to feel him inside of me, feel his hands run over my body and l imagined what he'd be able to show me, given that he must be quite experienced. But he never said a word or even winked at me. All l noticed was that they were gone when he handed out our papers again, so l knew he saw them and decided to keep them.

Every time l slipped in one of my notes my heart raced as well as my mind. I remember quite vividly how my right hand would slowly slide into my panties when l was thinking about what to write and draw and slowly started massaging my labias and clit with my other hand toying my tits. Before l noticed l was rubbing myself hard, my pussy swollen and wet, until l came which only ended up in a cycle of touching - cumming - touching and it took me forever to finish the notes. Usually very sweaty and slightly exhausted but satisfied.

I blushed at the thought of this and was also embarrassed by it, us two being the only people in the car now. However, it also felt like fate was intervening to help me score my desired professor's dick.

My breath became unnoticeably heavy. “That’s a lovely red dress.“ He said. I kept playing the audio again and again in my head. He looks as good as always... a light blue shirt with vertical stripes woven in it. Dark grey pants. His golden watch on his left wrist, which then led my eyes to his hands. Carefully trimmed nails, fingers that look like they could send a woman to heaven.

Suddenly the fingers moved. His right hand left the steering wheel, and fell gently on my left hand on my lap. I felt a chill going down my spine.

“What were you thinking?” He asked. His voice a bit raspy, like someone waking up thirsty after a long night.

I couldn’t tell him what I was actually thinking. My palm started sweating. But he looked like he didn’t notice at all.

“Tell me, what were you thinking?” He asked again.

“Were you thinking about the things you wrote about?”

"I...I'm... I'm sorry Mr. Roberts, l don't know what you mean", I stuttered while my head was playing a very different tune and just wanted to shout at him: fuck me! But l was too perplexed. Only after he squeezed my hand tight did l snap out of it. Almost silently the words "I admire you and always wanted to feel you" left my mouth as if l were on autopilot. "I feel very attracted to you and l know students and professors are not allowed to mingle, but l couldn't resist the urge." I explained. I was also drawn in by his maturity. Of course l had some experience, but with guys my age and quite frankly it was okay but not great. So far nothing satisfied me like my little toy. I tried to continue when he looked me in the eyes and told me to be silent. The only noises l would be allowed to make were cries, screams and lustful moaning. His voice was dead serious and at first l chuckled a little until l noticed he wasn't joking. I did not know what I've gotten myself into.

But I was sure of one thing - I wanted him to touch me. I wanted him to feel how my body is aching out of sheer desire. I wanted him to be rough with me... in that nice light blue shirt he’s wearing. I wanted my juice to get on his watch. I wanted to make him dirty, or be dirty for him.

He pulled over the car and turned to me, staring at me, as if he was waiting for me to voluntarily walk into a sweet sweet trap. I smelled danger. After seconds of burning silence, I took his hand and put it on my chest. He smiled, then started outlining my tits with his fingers. Gently touching them first, then circled around my nipples, which were already hard under my dress and a thin layer of laces bra. I began to breathe heavily, a moan almost escaped my lips. All of a sudden, he grabbed my left boob and squeezed it. I opened my mouth, “Oh... “

He moved closer and whispered in my ears: “Get to the backseat. I’m going to fuck you right here."

I opened the passenger's door and got into the back. It was only then that l noticed how huge this car was. He told me to open my wrap dress but to keep it on. While telling me these words he stayed in the front seat and only adjusted the mirror. Before l could even wonder what happened he ordered me to please myself. My right hand slowly went under the dress and into my little sexy panties. I was determined to give him the show of his life and was surprised myself by how completely wet l was already down there. Moans left my mouth as l bit my lips and closed my eyes. I was aroused like never before in my life and my skin felt like it's burning. My moans grew in volume as he stop

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Written by m.aldix
Hochgeladen October 7, 2020
Notes A female college student tries to seduce her professor. When she finally succeeds, she discovers that she should have been more careful with what she wished for.
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