This is how to end a work day

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It had been a very long day at the bank. Customers were in and out, and it was taking a toll before getting off. Kelsey walked up and said, You really look like you can you a good stress reliever. Now Kelsey was a blonde, busty, not to mention well put together woman that I had been eyeing since the first day we started in orientation together. I responded to her, Yea, I am definitely ready to get out of her today. She suggested that we go to the new Mexican restaurant that just opened not far from the job. I was game, cause I knew I didn't want to go home, and a drink was well needed. We clocked out and met at the restaurant. The waitress seated us in a both in the back of the restaurant. Me and Kelsey sat down, but what was a little off about it, she sat right next to me. She look with a smile and grin to reassure me it was ok. We order Margaritas and a few shots. As we talked and laughed about frivolous work stuff, I can tell the mode had loosen up. We both had begun to playfully fondles each other and didn't mind. The waitress walks up and to her surprise as she looked down , she had noticed my dick was out and at full attention. Kelsey had done it while we had waited for more drinks. She stroked me long and slow. I did everything to keep my cool. Kelsey and the waitress looked at one another and smiled as she walked away. We finished our drinks and walked to our cars. As Kelsey climbed in her truck she asked me to get in on the other side. Once I got in, we both took no time , damn near tearing each other's clothes off. I just had to see those amazing titties that I only dreamed about at work. I began sucking her erect hard nipples. She moaned as she grabbed the back of my head, telling me to suck them harder. It was driving her crazy. Then she slowly unbuttoned my pants and said, I have to suck that BIG BLACK DICK. She swallowed it down in one gulp. Then she gagged and came up. Spit was running down her mouth and cheek. She wiped it with her hand to get a better stroke of my dick. I felt a utopian heir about myself. Was this really happening. A car pulled up beside us, and I tried to stop her, but she was so into gobbling my dick up. The people in the other car watched for a moment and then walked away. Kelsey finally came up for air and said, You gotta Fuck me right now. She climbed into the backseat of her truck. She sat there on her hands and knees waiting for me to follow. I came back there, grabbed her by her waist and thrust into, what I came to find out, the wettest pussy I have ever had. Each pulsating thrust, she whence and said fuck me harder. I obliged her wishes, and pounded her pussy with everything I had. She began to clinch up, so I knew she was about to cum all over my hard dick. She yelled out with a huge scream, and I saw all of her creamy cum on my still rock hard dick. She turns around and begins to lick and then suck off every drop. It felt so damn good and I couldn't hold it anymore. I shot a load of cum so hard and thick down her throat. She pulled back to show me she swallowed every drop. We sat there for a moment as we put our clothes. I kissed her so deeply as we both said, SEE YOU AT WORK TOMORROW.

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