A hot wife, a black bull and isolation

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So, are you game? She asked with that naughty smile he knew so well.

OK. But only if you wear that short nightie I love seeing you in so much, he answered.

She didn’t wait to be asked twice. As it happened the nightie was a key element of what was about to take place. It was the piece of clothing she had been wearing just before she got fucked by a black bull for the first time.

Samantha and Carlos had been married for ten years. They had met at uni. Carlos was two years Samantha’s senior. They hit it off straight away. They both had a similar sense of humour and the sex was amazing.

Both of them were pretty open-minded when it came to sexual experimentation. That’s why Samantha wasn’t surprised when Carlos first mentioned the idea of seeing her with another guy.

And not just any guy, but a black guy, she reminded him as she slipped the nightie on.


Samantha was an attractive, curly-haired golden blonde. She was curvaceous and very petite. At just over 5’1’’, she could easily blend into any crowd. But her pert, round arse made this difficult. All men turned around to see her from behind. Her breasts were very small, almost imperceptible, and yet Carlos loved sucking on them. She had big nipples, though. This came in handy when she wore the aforementioned short nightie. Her nipples almost poked through the fabric.

One of Carlos’s fantasies was to see his petite femme being dominated by a big, black guy. It was not easy to make this dream come true, though. They both had high-flying jobs and didn’t want to develop a risqué reputation that could jeopardise their careers. Not everyone was as sexually liberated as they were. In the corporate world where they both plied their trade, sexual kinks could prove professionally fatal.

That’s why they waited until the time was right. Samantha went along with the idea. She had already seen her husband with another woman. That had happened during a trip to Australia. She was a businesswoman with an equally naughty side. They never saw her again and that suited them both.

The occasion for Carlos’s fantasy presented itself during a business convention just outside London. They both had to stay at a hotel near Crawley for the weekend. This included a series of presentations and talks on Friday, a networking event on Saturday and free time Saturday evening and Sunday.

It was Carlos who noticed the would-be bull. He was a large, heavyset black guy with a bald head and a goatee. He had a big laugh and commanded the room easily. He was one of the keynote speakers on Friday. Samantha couldn’t take her eyes off him. Carlos whispered in her ear: Are you thinking what I’m thinking? She smiled and nodded quietly.

During the lunch break they went back to their room and planned the evening ahead. The rules were simple. They were both in on the game but only as long as the encounter was a one-off. They would also ask the guy if it was OK to film the hook-up — they would obscure both his and Samantha’s faces. Carlos would approach the guy and test the waters first. If the reaction was positive, Samantha would go back to their room and wait for her treat.

The potential bull was surrounded by businesspeople when Carlos and Samantha arrived at the restaurant. As soon as the opportunity arose, Carlos went over and introduced himself. He brought the guy back to the table and the three started shooting the breeze. The conversation focused mainly on the morning and afternoon sessions. There was a lot of praise from both Carlos and Samantha for the guy’s presentation skills. Little by little and aided by some wine, the chat moved onto more personal topics. Samantha excused herself, got up and went to the ladies’ room. Without having to look behind her she knew the bull was checking out her arse. Game on! she thought.

By the time she came back to the table, she knew that everything had been arranged. There were hardly any words, just plenty of giggles and smiles. This time she didn’t have to make her excuses. She stood up and darted upstairs to their room.

When Carlos and the bull came in, she had already changed into the nightie. The shortness of it highlighted her shapely legs and thighs. She was barefoot, looking even smaller in the presence of this large man. She could see that he was really turned on and this turned her on, too.


Carlos switched the tv on. Even though they filmed their threesomes and orgies on their mobile phones, they always preferred to watch them on the big screen they had in their bedroom. And now the British government-mandated lockdown had put the brakes on any potential new sexual encounter, they enjoyed watching their former exploits more than ever.

Samantha sat next to her husband. The bull’s voice was as clear as it had been that evening: Sit, little slut. Your husband here told me you need a real man. Well, let’s see if you can handle this real man’s cock. Unbutton my trousers.

In the video Samantha undid the bull’s trousers, savouring each second as she did it. When she pulled them down, she saw the bulge in his underwear. Rub your face on it, he commanded. Samantha’s face slid down the front of the man’s boxers. She could feel her pussy getting wet. The top of her head bumped against the guy’s belly. She could smell his sex. She could feel his hardness. She was going crazy on this cock. She was suddenly overcome by the urge to see it, feel it, squeeze it. She yanked his underwear down and out came this thick, uncut shaft. It was a very fat cock, as fat as its owner. Samantha could barely wrap her hand around it. It was only about six or seven inches long, but very, very thick. A real bull’s cock.

Samantha licked the tip. That’s it, little slut. Suck your black daddy’s cock. Samanth

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Notes A husband and wife recall a wild encounter with a black bull in a hotel just outside London.
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