Submissive Cum Laude

Story 1: Mistress Bethany
  • Story 1: Mistress Bethany
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It was a beautiful fall day as Alex made his way across the quad to the campus library. Beaming rays of sunshine took the sting out of the crisp air and leaves crinkled across the ground as a light wind blew them about. He unzipped his coat, relaxing it around his tall, lean frame. His nostrils inhaled the unique aroma that only a New England autumn could produce.

It had been an adjustment for Alex, moving across the pond to the states. The longer he was here the more benefits he noticed to being a young British man in “the colonies.” His accent afforded him an odd degree of respect that he never would've commanded at home. He had been complimented by no shortage of women who loved the sound of his voice.

Alex had done his best to curtail his use of typical British slang. He liked that people knew he was foreign, but he didn't want to stick out like a sore thumb. He was trying to fit in while still taking advantage of his “exotic” status. So far, he was having great success.

His mind should've been on the exam coming up, but that was impossible with so many beautiful young women around. Alex was confident he could charm almost any American lass, but in recent years he'd begun to realize he didn't want the girl next door.

Alex's eyes were magnetically drawn to women wearing leather boots. The effect multiplied if they were thigh highs. And it wasn't just boots, it was leather anything. Pants, jacket, you name it. If it was leather and it shined on a woman's body, Alex was fixated. It was all he could do not to stare and drool like an idiot.

He had slowly come to terms with the fact that he had an intense leather fetish. It started out as a curiosity, but now any pornographic material that didn't include women in leather no longer enticed him. For that matter, women who didn't wear leather and carry a certain assertive demeanor sparked no interest in him.

This made dating difficult for a young college lad, but Alex was content to bide his time. At his age, many men and women didn't know what they wanted yet. As his desires became clearer, he could at least count that knowledge as an advantage.

He banished these thoughts as he entered the library, waving to the librarian and smiling and nodding to several students as he passed. Alex shouldered his slumping backpack and headed for the back of the first floor where rows of computers were setup between long columns of bookshelves. He made his way to the furthest row back, hoping to find the solitude that would allow his mind to focus.

Alex picked a desk, set his things down, logged in and began surfing and studying his materials. Twenty minutes flew by as he allowed himself to become absorbed in his research. Everything was going well until he heard the voice of an angel.

“Oh, thank you! That's exactly what I was looking for.”

He looked up from his screen and saw a familiar body to go with the familiar voice. Her back was turned, but it was definitely Bethany. Beautiful Bethany with the long red hair that trailed down her back and the sweet, silken voice. She was a theater major, like Alex. They had read parts opposite each other a number of times. Each time it was a Herculean effort not to get lost in her shimmering eyes.

'Oh my god!'

Alex did a double take. She was wearing lovely leather boots; shiny blackness that framed her feet and dainty calves. The gleaming black boots terminated at her knees, but that wasn't where the eye candy ended. She was also sporting a luscious leather jacket to go with her delightfully tight blue jeans.

He was glad her back was turned as Bethany thanked the librarian and strutted off, books in hand. It allowed him to take a long look at her back and legs. He could almost hear the leather creaking as she walked away. He was instantly reminded of the Halloween party not long ago. Bethany had arrived in a full leather “Catwoman” costume and Alex had been spent most of the night gawking at her.


This is exactly what he didn't need while trying to prepare for a major test. He attempted to get back to his studies, but it was pointless. His stiffening cock was now tenting in his pants. Bethany had provided fetish fuel and now his mind was consumed by depraved thoughts.

Alex opened an image search tab and typed “leather bodysuit.” Thankfully, his desire was nothing the library's “safe search” restrictions would prevent him from viewing as long as his search terms weren't too explicit. Images of women in gleaming leather popped into view by the dozen. He scrolled down slowly, entranced by the banquet of female curves clad in shiny, sleek leather.

'Why the fuck am I doing this? I can't even jerk off here! I really can't help myself, can I?!?'

Shiny asses. Gleaming breasts. Glossy legs. Alex wanted them badly. He wanted to lick. He wanted to kiss. He wanted to worship. They commanded his gaze and he craved their touch and taste like nothing else on this Earth.

“Hey Alex! What ya lookin at?”

A jolt of terror surged through his body as he half-jumped in his chair. He fumbled with the mouse and quickly minimized the browser. It had been Bethany's voice and he turned to find her flashing him a devious grin.

“Beth! It's... good to see you.”

“It's nice to see you too, but that doesn't answer my question. What was that about?”

Her dark eyes shimmered with mischief.

“I.... was looking for a gift. For... my mum.”


“Really? Does your mother usually dress like a dominatrix?”

Alex's cheeks burned like hot coals as his face went flush with embarrassment. He was caught red handed and there was no explanation that would sound reasonable other than the obvious truth that he'd been perving on a library computer.

Bethany pulled out the chair from the desk next to Alex's and placed it adjacent to his. She plopped down on it before raising her legs one by one and placing her booted feet in his lap.

“You don't mind if I put my feet up, do yo

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Written by James Bondage
Hochgeladen October 27, 2020
Notes A young college student embraces his leather fetish and discovers a deep need for female domination.
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