My First Time

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I was 18 and my (then) first girlfriend invited me over for her birthday party. I wanted it to happen, but I didn't think it actually would. I had never even kissed a girl. She for sure knew it was going down. Her parents were away for the weekend and the party winded down at 11:30 or so. She said she was going to bed and invited me.

I noticed she had a twin bed, so I stripped to my shorts and set up on the floor. I took weight training the previous year, so my body was in fantastic shape. I so wanted it to happen but had no concept of "game." We talked for a bit and she playfully snatched my pillow. "Hey, I need something to cuddle with." "You can cuddle with me." "That worked!?" I said in my head. Heart pounding, I climbed over her and into bed. We're face to face talking now. (In the dark) I'm rock hard, but wasn't gonna tell her that. (directly) Lol

Eventually, she said goodnight, gave me a peck on the cheek and quickly rolled over. I put my hand on her shoulder and my feet against hers. Everything in between was as far away as possible. She asked, "why are you so far away?" To which I replied, "I don't wanna poke you." (I was proud of that one. Lol)

She turned back over and "accidentally" brushed against it with her hand. "Jesus! Was that what I think it was"!? "Yup." I returned the kiss, (this time on the lips) and she followed suit. It became "making out. She reached into my shorts, grabbed hold of my d**k, and started stroking it as we made out. I awkwardly fingered her p***y and played with her boobs to. Her p***y was super warm and wet. Her boobs were heavy and soft.

She rolled over to her back and pulled me on top. I thought, "this is really happening and I don't have a condom. I don't want to bring that up." I made a detour and decided, I'd pleasure her with my mouth instead. I didn't know WTF I was doing, but I must've done a fantastic job because every time my chin touched the bed, there was a large puddle. I also noticed, she'd go especially nuts when I focused on that "nubby" thing above the opening. (I know what it is NOW. Lol)

She eventually pulled me back up on top of her. "I'll kiss her some more." I thought in my head, but she had other plans. She grabbed my d**k and pulled it towards her p***y. I awkwardly shimmied down my shorts to finally let it happen. It slide right in. (All the way) I was so nervous I couldn't think about how fantastic it felt.

We f**ked for at least 6 hours (The sun was up) in several positions before stopping. I never came and didn't care. She rolled over and was snoring within a minute. I laid on my back with the biggest smile.

As cold as I was, (she had the blankets) I eventually fell asleep. I was awake when she woke up. She gave me a kiss then went to the bathroom. She came back shortly and we started making out again. This time, she climbed on top, but I grabbed her by the hips and did this "jackrabbit" thing which she really loved because I could feel her juice running down my balls like a faucet.

I had already been masturbating for a few years, so I recognized the feeling that suddenly washed over me. After a final few thrusts, I pushed her hips up as I pulled back. (Pulled out) and came all over my belly.

She handed me a towel to wipe off and we headed to the shower. I scrubbed her nice and clean then she started to wash me. As she got to my legs, I got another "rock" hard-on. Without hesitation, she put it in her mouth. I didn't cum, (which would become a trend) but I was elated. We ended up f**king at least 7 more times that weekend, and aside from the first time, I came every time.

Written by bluev101
Hochgeladen August 31, 2020
Notes A detailed description of my first sexual experience. (With a woman)
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