Daddy's Good Girl

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sometimes she’s good, sometimes she’s bad, but she’s always His Girl.

Mmm baby, you are looking sweet. Take off your shirt. I love your tiny nipples. Give Daddy a taste.

Mm, that’s right Baby Girl, sweeter than sugar. And if I get rough, you’ll cream in your panties.

I love the way you moan when I bite your sensitive skin.

Spreading your legs before I asked? So eager, so naughty. And so fucking wet, you soaked right through your underwear.

Lay back so I can remove them. That’s Daddy’s good girl. Your pussy sucks my fingers in, squeezing so tight.

Your clit is hiding from me though. Maybe it doesn’t want to play.

It does? I like when you beg for my tongue. How bad do you want me Baby?

Good girl! I’ll have a taste if you want me so bad.

. . .

Make you come? Not yet. Only good girls get to come and you need to please me first.

I love fucking your mouth. And the sweet sound of you swallowing my whole damn cock. So good.

. . .

Keep going, keep — no — stop. Wait. Wrap your pussy around me.

Ah yes, just like that Baby. Ride me now, slow and steady. Good girl.

Where’s that spot? The one that makes your legs shake. Right there, good. Don’t come until I do. I know I’m mean but now I will punish you.

I know your close. Better fuck me faster. Oh, Baby you’re shaking. Don’t stop, make me come too. Don’t worry about it. Just make me. Oh fuck, yes, you have the sweetest pussy.

Get your vibrator. Your favorite one. You were so eager earlier. I found a new sexy story to read you.

Let’s see how many times you come while I read. And after…

Written by Asrai Devin
Hochgeladen August 13, 2020
Notes sometimes she’s good, sometimes she’s bad, but she’s always His Girl.
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