Sweet Sweet Fantasy

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Jesus, if his sister-in-law didn’t start wearing clothes, Jake was certain he’d have a permanent hard on. He had complained to his wife once, but the response was, “I want her to be as comfortable here as she would be in her own place. You know she’s had a hard time since her relationship went so badly.”

Jake grumbled under his breath that if Laura didn’t make such terrible choices in boyfriends, she wouldn’t run into this problem. But he didn’t dare say it so his wife heard. Other than the poor relationships and sexy lingerie, Laura was a great person. He wouldn’t even mind the damn lack of clothing except that he was in a look don’t touch place and all that tempting skin made him want to touch. And taste.

He took his dick in hand while a porn played on the TV, and closed his eyes. Tara had a headache, so here he was thinking about his sister-in-law’s red panties from this morning, and they left very little to his imagination. She was shaved bare under that red cotton.

He and Tara had a normal sex life, but this thing with Laura flaunting herself was too much.

“Oh, hey sexy. Fancy finding you like this.”

Great, he was imagining her in the room with him as he jerked off. He groaned as he imagined what Laura kept hidden.

“Enjoying yourself?”

That was not his imagination. He opened his eyes to find Laura’s eyes staring at his dick. She grinned as she met his face. “Hey big boy.”

He grabbed a pillow from the end of the sofa and covered himself. “Laura! Jesus, you scared me. Sorry, I thought you were in bed.”

“I thought it was Tara downstairs, but this is a much nicer surprise. Don’t stop on my account.” She leaned closer. “I like to watch.” She touched the pillow on his lap.

Jake jerked back from her. “Laura, watching is a bad idea.”

She searched his eyes for a moment, then stood up. He relaxed, happy she was leaving the room. But she stopped, and he realized she was wearing only a tank top and panties, and in slow motion the panties were being peeled down her sculpted legs.

He opened his mouth to stop her, but nothing came out. Fuck, there was in full color her velvet pussy lips, glistening with arousal. He could reach out and glide his fingers across the soft skin, he could rub her clit, he could sink his fingers into her tight body.

Damn, his dick made the pillow jump in his lap and he nearly threw it aside.

“I’ve seen you checking me out, Jake. Seen you adjusting your pants when crossing paths in the hallway.”

“I should go to bed.” Except he’d have to stand up and show her just how he felt about her body.

Her fingers parted the peach lips, exposing her creamy center. His mouth watered at the thought of tasting her.

“Every night I get wet like this thinking of you. And I lie in my bed and rub my clit, imagining it was you until I moan your name into my pillow.” Her voice filled all his fantasies about her in a deep, seductive tone.

He reached toward her and she moved closer until his fingers caressed the velvet of her bare pussy. Jake gathered the moisture of her arousal on his fingers until he reached the torrent and plunged his fingers into her depths. Warm and wet and willing, he pumped his fingers several times before pulling them out to tease her clit.

“My legs won’t hold.” Laura grabbed the pillow and tossed it aside. She straddled his lap. While he continued to massage her clit, she took hold of his dick and stroked. They fondled each other as the moans of the porn on the television were drowned out by their harsh breathing.

“I need to fucking taste you,” Jake growled, pulling up her shirt and latching onto a cherry nipple. He suckled until she moaned his name, her hands dropping from his dick. “Stand up for a second.”

She scrambled to her feet, and Jake lay on his back. “I want your pussy over me.”

She gaped at him for a moment, but then clambered over him, lowering her sweet honey lips to his mouth. He lapped up the essence of her, swallowing her and going back for more. She spread her legs wider, tipping her hips in a demand for attention on her clit. He wanted to keep drinking her sweetness, but he moved to the sensitive center and teased it.

Her hips rode his face in waves until she was shaking, whispering his name as her pussy let a new flood loose. He lapped it up until he was drunk on her.

She shifted until she straddled his hips. “I always wondered how big you were. Tara said big… but…”

He held his breath while she impaled herself on his dick. Her warmth squeezed him, her arousal made him slide easy. He couldn’t stop himself from thrusting into her. Jake grabbed her hips so he could slam into her, deep and hard. Her moans grew louder with each thrust and he didn’t even bother to silence her. He drove into her faster until she flew off. He almost apologized, until he realized she was kneeling on the sofa, cocking her hips. Her fingers pulled apart her pussy lips, inviting him in.

“You can get deeper this way.”

He knelt behind her, massaging her ass before sliding back into her cunt. “God, I knew you’d be hot, but I didn’t know it would feel this good.”

Laura’s hand rubbed her clit furiously as he pumped her. Faster, harder, stronger, pulling her tighter to him until — fuck — here it was… his dick was spurting…

All over his hand, up his chest. Ah, damn it. He grabbed his shirt to wipe himself off. The porn still played on the TV, but his fantasy of his sister-in-law had been so strong today, it was almost as if he was inside her.

He turned off the TV and dressed, heading up to his room. As he walked down the hallway, Laura’s bedroom door opened and she walked out wearing nothing but a tank top and tiny panties. He stared at her open-mouthed for a second, then forced a smile on his face. “Good night, Laura.”

Her eyes dropped to his crotch, where he was hard again. “Good night, Jake.”

Her hand brushed over his cock as she passed him. And he looked over his shoulder. She smiled at h

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Written by Asrai Devin
Hochgeladen August 13, 2020
Notes Jake is regretting letting his sister-in-law move in. She won't stop teasing him. A little fantasy won't hurt, will it?
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