Babysitter Gets Caught

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Babysitter Gets Caught

Brandy grabbed a second throw pillow and stacked it behind her on the arm of the sofa. She put her feet on the plush seat near her butt, with enough space between her thighs for her hand to slip up under her skirt. The skirt that would be around her waist in a moment.

She set her tablet against her legs. One hand to scroll on her favorite website for smut and one hand to scroll between her legs. She smirked, then turned her attention to the story she was reading.

A few sentences in, she perked her head up. She held her breath and waited. Nothing. No one was ever awake this time of night. Still, she should masturbate in her bedroom. In private.

The thought of possibly getting caught made it a shit ton hotter.

She renewed her movements between her legs as she lost herself in a story of two women exploring each other passionately.

It was so hot. She was so close when it ended. She set her tablet aside.

“Enjoying yourself?” a disembodied voice asked somewhere in the dim light. A female voice. Fuck, one of her bosses had caught her. Brandy worked as a live-in nanny. Her employers were nice, but kept a distance from her. She was not part of the family. She was a caregiver.

And now one of them was staring down at her. She scrambled to cover herself and sit up. “Don’t stop on my account. I wonder what you were watching.”

The beautiful older woman stepped into the room. She was wearing a short silk robe.

Brandy cleared her throat. “I was reading, ma’am.”

“I think after that display, you can call me Kate.” She grabbed the tablet from the table and pushed the button to turn it on. Brandy fixed her skirt while she waited.

“You are a naughty girl, Brandy. You seem so sedate, so steady. I wouldn’t have guessed you had a hidden passionate side.”

Brandy didn’t know what to say. She smoothed her skirt again.

“Did you get off?”

“No, ma’am.”

Her boss sat beside her. Kate turned Brandy’s face toward her. She caressed her nanny’s cheek and lips. “Say my name.”


“Good girl.” Kate kissed Brandy, who was so shocked she didn’t move. “Have you ever kissed another woman? Or is that just in your fantasies?”

“I had a girlfriend or two. High school. It’s been a while.”

“What about boyfriends?”

“Since high school it’s only been guys.” Brandy squirmed. She and Kate had barely exchanged ten sentences about anything other than Kate’s children. Now she was giving intimate details of her life to the woman. Who had kissed her only a moment ago.

Brandy leaned forward and kissed Kate. The older woman smiled and deepened the kiss. Their tongues met in the middle, sweet and hot and soft; both women moaned. Without breaking the kiss, Kate set the tablet aside and her fingers pushed the buttons of Brandy’s shirt free from their trappings. Kate’s hands were warm on Brandy’s skin, shoulders down to her belly. She wiggled out of the shirt.

Kate pulled back from the kiss and studied the young woman before her. What did she see? Youth? Inexperience?

Brandy saw a new side of Kate. The eyes she’d thought cold and calculating, were sexy and passionate. Her hair was still perfect, but it would be difficult to muss up the short crop look. She wore no makeup now.

Kate removed her robe to reveal her matching tank top and panty set. Even after two kids, she had beautiful breasts. Brandy reached for her, but Kate pushed her hands down. “I get to touch you first, precious.”

Kate pulled Brandy’s bra away. Her fingers teased the dusky nipples. Brandy swallowed and leaned her head back. “Do you want me to touch you, Brandy?”

It took a moment to find her voice. “Yes, ma’am.”

Kate bent her head and sucked one nipple into her mouth. Women are so much softer, Brandy thought, as Kate’s tongue circled the sensitive spot.

Brandy grabbed Kate’s blonde hair and pulled her closer. “Hands to yourself, precious,” Kate rasped. When their eyes met, there was a hardness. “You don’t want me to punish you, do you?”

“No ma’am.”

“That’s a good girl. Just enjoy yourself.” Kate flicked her tongue on the other nipple a few times, then sat up. “Lie as you were when I arrived. I want to see what’s under your skirt.”

Brandy nodded and reclined on the throw pillows. She gathered her skirt around her waist.

Kate looked at her plain white cotton panties, running her hand over the crotch. “You look so innocent in those. But we both know the truth, don’t we?”

“Y-yes.” What truth?

“Say it.”

“Say what?”

“That you are a bad girl. You’re a slut.”

Brandy bit her bottom lip. Was she? Was this slutty? “I am a bad girl.”

She was rewarded with Kate’s finger rubbing her clit — through her panties, but it was still good.

She tipped up her chin. “I’m a slut.” The word filled her with a warm, erotic shame. She wanted to be slutty, for Kate.

“Let’s see your cunt.”

The blunt word made Brandy flush. She didn’t hesitate to push down her panties. She was ready, she needed to be touched.

“Touch yourself,” Kate commanded. “Like you would have if I hadn’t caught you here messing up my sofa.”

“I wouldn’t mess it up.” Brandy felt compelled to defend herself.

“I can smell how wet you are, precious. Are you always that wet?”

Brandy shook her head. “You,” she whispered.

“I made you that wet? Show me.”

Brandy dipped her finger into the wetness. She smeared it over her clit. Her legs fell apart, exposing herself more.

Kate’s eyes darkened. “Good girl. Lick it off.”

Brandy licked her finger, then sucked it between her lips.

Kate climbed up on the sofa between her legs. “Do you want me to make you come?”

“Please. Yes, please.”

Kate kissed from Brandy’s knee up her inner thigh. Brandy wished she’d shaved more carefully.

Kate didn’t seem to care as she nuzzled into Brandy’s cunt and breathed in deeply. “It’s been awhile since I smelled good pussy.”

Brandy didn’t know what to say. She thought of Kate’s husband, upstai

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Written by Asrai Devin
Hochgeladen August 13, 2020
Notes Brandy gets caught by her employer with her hands in her panties, but Kate doesn't reprimand her. She seduces the young nanny instead.
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