[Resident Evil 3] A Grave Situation

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[[This story takes place in the continuity of the Resident Evil 3 Remake, diverging just after the train crash. Despite taking place in the R3make universe, Jill has her original tube top and miniskirt outfit. Also, this piece contains things like monster non-con, partial vore, getting stuck in the ground, tentacles (two at once) and egg implantation.]]

“Fuck.” Jill groaned, collapsing face up onto the concrete walkway that ran along the edge of the subway tunnel, only a few yards from the burning remains of the train that she had just pulled herself from. “I think...I think today officially cannot get any worse.”

For a few moments she just lay there, breathing heavily from the effort of dragging herself out of the wreckage. Her tube top strained uncomfortably over her breasts as her chest heaved...the hot, acrid breeze from the burning train wasn’t making it easy to catch her breath but she was just too exhausted to keep going right now.

In the end, it was the cold that forced her to move. The waves of heat from the burning train warmed the skin of her face and legs, but it was late September and the concrete was damp and cold. In fact, her ass was freezing. At first she was worried that she had collapsed into a puddle but she soon realized that her miniskirt had just ridden up on her at some point when she was struggling through the wreckage, leaving her bare ass against the clammy concrete.

Because, of course, she had no panties. Obviously, she’d have to race through the worst day of her life without any underwear. That was completely on brand...the complete Jill Valentine experience.

“And in motherfucking high heels no less...” She muttered to herself as she finally got to her feet and rolled her black miniskirt down over her chilled ass. Her cheap apartment was an insulation paradox: somehow too cold in the summer and way too hot the rest of the year. Going commando in a tube top and miniskirt just helped her keep cool. It wasn’t exactly the outfit she would have chosen if she had known that some ten-foot-tall freak would bust into her apartment today.

The high-heels were just the icing on the cake. They’d been the first thing to hand when Umbrella’s bioweapon started to bust her door down. With zombies filling the streets and that giant pursuing her, there hadn’t exactly been an opportunity to change into something more sensible. She had considered ditching the heels and going barefoot...but right now Raccoon City streets were a seething mass of twisted metal, broken glass and infected bodily fluids. Heels were better than nothing.

At least her nights spent clubbing in stilettos were serving her well today. Somehow, she had managed to fight her way through Raccoon City’s chaotic streets against hordes of infected zombies and slavering mutants without snapping a strap or breaking a heel.

Let’s see Chris Redfield manage that! Jill smirked, amused by the mental image of Chris trying to balance on a pair of four-inch black Manolos.

A gust of caustic wind, tinged with the smell of burning metal and plastic, stung her eyes and brought Jill’s mind back to reality. She took a look around, assessing the situation. Her rifle and grenade launcher had been stowed under her seat when that thing showed up again. There was no way to retrieve them now. Obviously, there weren’t any other survivors, either. It was insane to think that she was still alive. Somehow she had survived a train crash with nothing worse than a rumpled skirt. She glanced at her reflection in a nearby metal panel, tinted orange by the nearby fire. She hadn’t even smudged any of the makeup she had put on that morning (a comforting habit...she hadn’t exactly planned on going clubbing in the middle of a zombie apocalypse) and her unblemished blue tube-top made her look ready to hit the dance floor.

Apparently, the universe can’t decide whether I’m the luckiest bitch on the planet or the unluckiest She smirked at herself, brushing a strand of hair from her face.

Her self-reflection was interrupted when she spotted the stock of her shotgun sticking out of the wreckage. Rushing over, she grabbed the handle and tugged it free.

“FUCK!” She tossed it to the ground in fury. The barrel was bent almost 45-degrees. The thing was dead weight now.

Unluckiest it is. She thought, bitterly.

She checked her shoulder holster and let out a sigh of relief when she felt the comforting grip of her G-19. She pulled it out, giving it a quick inspection. Everything looked good. Just like her, the gun had managed to make it through the chaotic night remarkably untouched.

The feeling of satisfaction died as she checked the magazine. The gun was full...but she had no spare rounds. She had been hoarding her shotgun and rifle ammo, in case she needed them later. A fat lot of good those did her now. She patted the shoulder strap where her radio should be...it was gone. She couldn’t even tell Carlos what happened.

When God closes a door he throws me through a fucking window.

Jill shook her head and snapped the magazine back into place. She had to get moving. The burning wreckage completely blocked the tunnel ahead of her, so for now...she’d have no choice but to go back. Back towards Racoon City…


With a groan of disused metal, a rusty panel opened along the side of a dark and empty road and Jill emerged, climbing the safety ladder slowly in her high-heels. Finally on the surface, She took a deep breath of the damp night air. The subway didn’t smell nice under normal circumstances and the sixty tons of burning metal and plastic hadn’t done anything to improve the air quality.

Fortunately it hadn’t taken her very long to find an emergency exit from the subway tunnel. An exit that had apparently deposited her...not much of anywhere.

It was a forested road that must be several miles outside of Racoon City proper, judging by the lack of corpses

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Notes Jill Valentine is exploring a graveyard just outside of Raccoon City, hoping to hide from Nemesis. Unfortunately, she walks straight into the lair of the Grave Digger worm. And it has needs to fulfill.
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