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It was the day I’ve been dreaming about for weeks now. I arrived at the office early that morning and went straight to the project room. Very little work was going to get done in there this morning.

I’ve given myself enough time to get the laptop set up, especially the webcam. That was going to provide great memories later. I’ve dressed to impress, short black mini skirt, black fishnet holdup stockings, heels and white blouse, top two buttons undone and no bra. My man is in for a treat this morning. Five more minutes and he’ll be here, he’s never late, enough time to refresh the lip gloss. Should I ditch the glasses and free my blonde hair from the business-like bun? No there’s a touch of mystique to the sophisticated look. I’ll let him discover this.

Four minutes pass. Watching the clock on the wall, it seems like an eternity. Time to get myself into position leaning over the desk, hovering over the laptop ready to flick the webcam on.

I hear footsteps in the corridor and the door opening. He has arrived. The view of my bottom with skirt riding up to reveal a glimpse of stocking tops and tight white panties is going to be too much for him. I listen as he makes an appreciative gasp before locking the door and I turn the webcam on. This morning is going to be remembered for a very long time. I hear his footsteps behind me before he teasingly runs his hand up my left leg to the now tingling bare skin above my stocking top. With his other hand he pulls me back towards him feeling for the opening in my blouse, before cupping it over my bra-less left breast. His lips meet the back of my neck and I shiver from the gentle nuzzling. All the time I feel his cock growing against me and I know he desperately wants me as much as I want him.

Before I have time to properly appreciate his show of affection laced with lust he gently pushes me on to the office chair and unfastens the remaining buttons on my blouse, leaving my now fully erect nipples exposed. I’m not going to raise any objections to him sucking these one at a time like a milk starved baby. He’s now put his right hand under my skirt and is finger fucking me under my panties, which are starting to become very moist.

I allow him to suckle and explore me internally for a few moments but satisfying as the feeling is, this is not part of my dream. I am to be in control of this and now is the time for me to take the initiative. Pushing his head from my right breast and removing his hand from my panties I shake my index finger at him to suggest he’s being a naughty boy. He grins childishly as I force myself up from the chair, remove my glasses and kneel down to explore the large bulge in his trousers. Undoing his belt with one hand and lowering his zipper with the other I’m staring straight at his long hard thick cock. Taking it between my lips he leans forward, filling my mouth with his flesh. Now I am back in control. Sucking ardently my tongue swirls round his swollen glans as I enjoy the motion of his cock sliding back and forth between my tightly pursed lips.

As much as I’m enjoying giving him a blow job, this is my dream and I don’t want him coming in my mouth, not yet anyway, there are other parts of me that his cock can explore first. As a distraction I release my hair from its bun and let it flow down to my shoulders gently tickling against his inner thighs. This has an immediate effect and I’m tasting little dribbles of pre-come, so I reluctantly release his cock from my mouth and slide my tongue along the length of his impressive shaft until I reach his balls which I start to gently nibble, at the same time running my right hand up his chest until he’s able to suck my fingers suggestively. I carry on with this for a few minutes, the nibbling and sucking getting more intense with each minute passing until finally the moment I’ve been waiting for. He pulls me up from the floor and carefully positions me sideways on the desk, conveniently in front of the webcam, with my legs dangling over the side. His hands push my skirt up to round my waist and he pulls my moist panties down, over my stockings and heels until they drop to the floor. Kneeling between my open thighs he takes my warm moist pussy in his mouth and starts eating it fervently. I spread my thighs further apart while groaning with delight, to give him full access to my pussy and I lift my knees up so he can eat me deeper. He certainly doesn’t need any encouragement as he looks up, reaches in with his fingers and spreads my pussy lips open so he can get his whole face in my hot cunt. My pussy by now is really wet from his saliva and my pussy juice. I push my pussy harder into his face and let him bury his head into it, his tongue probing eagerly whilst he reaches under me and grabs my bottom with both hands as I pump myself violently against his face.

Now I’m back in control and I’ve got to the point where I can take no more teasing from him, I need his cock inside me now. Pushing his head up I manage to fully slide onto the desktop. He follows me onto the desk and I grab his massive cock which is pulsing with desire and put the head of it in my pussy. He needs no more encouragement and quickly shoves his cock the rest of the way in. I feel his rhythm vary as he fucks me, alternating between slow and gentle to hard and fast. I put my hands on his bottom and pull him deeper into my pussy. I can feel his balls against my clit as he pounds his cock deep into me, every thrust accompanied with a groan. Suddenly it happens. He sticks his thumb into my puckered ring at the same time as he releases a flood of semen into my pussy. I manage to hold back but know I can’t wait too much longer. I have never been so turned on, this is my dream coming to fruition.

“I’m coming, I’m coming” I hear myself shout. Then the dream’s over and my husband is standing over me, shaking my shoulders and telling me it’s time to waken up and get ready to go to work. Will today be

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Notes Female fantasy of office lover. Her dream comes to life with lots of foreplay, sensual blow job, fingering and pussy eating before it all ends with a surprising climax.
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