Office Revenge

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I have to hand in my reports today. A dreadful day as l also expect to receive my performance report. Ever since we have this new boss things have gotten so strict. And she's a woman too. Guess how many men feel great about being bossed around by a woman. She has a nice figure though. I remember having seen it a couple of times through her skirt suits, although I'm usually too terrified to even look her in the eyes when she shows up in my office. But alas, it's not like l have a say in this.

I picked up my tea from the office kitchen and grabbed the documents to see her in her office. When l reached her door l inhaled deeply two times to get a hold of my nervousness. I knocked assertively and entered her bureau ready to present my numbers. She wasn't particularly interested and stared out the window. I cleared my throat and spoke up a little. To no avail. She didn't even turn around. I stopped talking and just dropped my files on her desk with a loud "thud".

Not being fazed even a little bit she said: "l don't care. You're just a tool. Deliver your numbers and l use you. Break down and I'll replace you. Just like this." She pointed outside and only then did l notice our vice president trying to get his belongings into the trunk of his black limousine. I was shocked. He was a great boss and leader for so many years. I got angry and agitated. She just threw him away. Discarded him like trash, even though she just joined the company a few months ago. She had no clue how we're working and what our values were. I felt the anger grow inside and unfortunately that also meant something else grew. Whenever l got extremely angry my libido grew spontaneously and exponentially. In short, l would get a massive erection.

It was now that she turned around and mustered me with a despicable look on her face only to stop her gaze at the height of my genitalia. She burst into a chuckle and turned around again, telling me that she's seen enough losers for one day.

It was in that moment that l finally snapped. Not only did she treat my old boss and me like trash, she also couldn't care less about this most uncomfortable situation we found ourselves in, or more precisely l found myself in. It didn't seem to affect her in any way. In my rage l noticed her hourglass figure for the first time. She was extremely attractive, but in that moment all l could see was the devil, because that's what she was to me in that moment. I stepped forward, steaming with anger, when she shot me down again: "Don't waste my time anymore, you and your pathetic little hard-on."

I don't recall anything that happened after her words, but l managed to get my hands on the security tapes a couple of days later before anyone else could. Luckily Quentin from security still owed me after our last poker round.

What l will describe now might not be for the faint of heart, so please read on at your own discretion.

The recordings told the following story:

Driven by pure emotion l raced towards her, my eyes filled with hatred, anger and weirdly enough sexual desire. She heard me running towards her, but turned around too late. I grabbed her left arm behind her back and smashed her against the big window. Before she could even start screaming l put my free hand on her mouth and silenced her. Her face turned from numb to terrified in a split second. I pushed her against the window with my whole body and let her feel my hard cock. I forced her on her knees and grabbed some files that l swiftly crumbled into a ball and shoved into her mouth, allowing me to use both my hands. Tears ran down her cheeks and messed up her makeup, but l didn't even notice as l tore apart her blazer and blouse in a blind rage and ripped her skirt and tights in two. My hard, throbbing cock was already freed of its cage by that time and outside my pants. I pushed her hard against the window, with her perky boobs probably leaving a nice imprint on the other side, moved her silk and lace lingerie to the side and shoved my thick, pulsing cock brutally into her tight pussy. I was struck with surprise upon discovering how wet she was. She probably got off on firing people. And l got even angrier. I smashed her against the window with every thrust of my hard cock, driven by her tears and useless attempts to break free. I pulled her arm and made her move towards her big mahogany desk. I smacked her down violently, grabbed her two hands and used them to open wide her ass cheeks, as l was about to ram my hard-on all the way down her asshole. She was so petrified she couldn't even move and just stayed in that position. I could clearly see how her wet pussy spread her juice all over her anus and how her hole widened as she pulled her ass cheeks to the side.

I smacked her ass so hard it left a red shadow of my hand on her, before l pushed her down, grabbed my penis and pushed it into her tight asshole. I would make her pay for everything, but just as l rammed my cock deep into her ass, feeling a warm almost burning sensation wrapping tightly around my penis, she managed to spit out the paper ball and screamed at me. I was not prepared for her words. Again.

"Is that all, you pussy?! Fuck me like a real men, or do l even have to do that myself!"

My eyes turned red and l hammered her ass so mercilessly my cock began to feel like it's going up in flames any second. I slapped her ass again and threw her on her executive leather chair. She laughed maniacally. I yanked out a handful of her hair when l grabbed her head, forcing it on my cock. Without any hesitation l rammed my cock down her throat as deep as l could and only stopped pushing forward when her tongue started licking my balls. She was gagging and covering my dick in spit and saliva, always very close to puking right on it, but held back as l shoved my cock down again and again, every time more furiously. Her lipstick was all over my cock by that time but she still laughed, so l had to sile

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Written by m.aldix
Hochgeladen October 12, 2020
Notes An office clerk suffers a blackout after being humiliated by his new female boss until he snaps. What he discovers when he regains his consciousness shocks him as much as his boss' reaction.
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