One Helluva of Night

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We started out for an early night drive. Both of us were dressed to the nine. The top on the car was dropped. As we drove I couldn't help but glance over to look at those well oiled thighs. I reached over and began to rub them ever so slightly. You looked and smiled as you noticed how the bulge was growing in my pants. As we stopped at the light, we couldn't keep our hands off each other, groping and kissing, not caring who watched us. We then took off, with thoughts of how soon we were going to take each other. We ended up stopping at a restaurant for drinks. When the waitress walks up, we both were astonished. She was just tall enough, with perky breast, round ass, and an incredible smile. She could tell what type of mood we were both in as she took our order. I ordered our drinks, and you said you needed to go to the car. The waitress asked, if you mind if she joined you, because she was going on break. You said sure. When you both got to the car, there was an instant and intense heat for each other. You both started kissing and touching each other all over. Sliding your fingers into each other's pussy feeling how wet you both were. I texted you to let you know our drinks had come. But, there was no response. Then you both walked back in, with sneaky grins on your faces. I could tell something went on outside but wasn't bothered, cause I knew what the night held. I asked for our check and the waitress asked what would we be doing later. You gave her our numbers on a napkin and kissed it with your red lipstick. As we began to ride off, I asked did you enjoy her, you didn't say a word. But you just, unzipped my pants, pulled my dick out and started suckin it. Owww, so deep and wet, I could barely drive. As you continued to gasp on my big hard dick, the phone rang. It was the waitress. She was trying to find out where we were because she was getting off of work. We told her about our favorite spot. A secluded park where we have fucked at so many times. She said she would meet us there and would bring something to drink. We got there at the same time. And as I got out the car, she walked up to me, pressed her body hard against mines. She said, I had a little taste of your girlfriend, now I want to see what you got. My dick was about to burst out of my pants, as she grinded up on me. My girlfriend walked up behind her and said, take it out and suck it, I want to watch. The girl sucked my dick holding nothing back. Gagging, slurping, and letting me know what she came for. My girlfriend had enough with watching and decided to join in. She reached around and pulled the girl shirt up and started suckin and playing with her hard nipples. Then she stands up and said I want mine sucked too. The girl didn't know what to think, until my girlfriend slide her dress up. Then the girl saw how my girlfriend's clict protruded and how big it was. She leaned in and began licking and suckin her clict. Then I stood her up and bent her over. I slide my dick in her nice and slow as she gasped. My girlfriend grabbed the back of her head to keep her mouth on her pussy. With every deep thrust, my girlfriend encouraged me to fuck her harder and harder. I gave her this dick like it was gonna be the last dick she ever had. My girlfriend pushed her face all in her pussy as she moaned out. I know my girlfriend and she was almost there. I can her say, make me cum bitch, make me cum. The girl pussy started to clinch on my dick, so I knew she was close too. We all were right there. And with some fast long strokes, her pussy starts to cream. Then out the blue, my girlfriend squirts all in her face. Then she turns her around and starts jerking my dick till I came all in her face. And they each took turns cleaning me off. We all smiled got in our cars and drove away.

Written by samrothstien45
Hochgeladen August 4, 2020
Notes We were looking for a little fun on a Friday night. To our surprise, our waitress helped us to fulfill that and then some.
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