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1 AM queen gets ready to take shower after a few drink with the king. Then queen and king are open and very nasty to eachother on ocassions they share a female or 2.the queen opens the door and tell her king to come to the door , when he get up and get to the door she puts her panties in his face right on his nose .he ask's what she replies smell them he says it smells like your wet pussy .The queen not relizing how much she just turned the king on putting those moist panties on his face.The king has brought a special outfit for the queen, now for you that dont no about the king and queen here is a little bit of info.The king is 37 not bad looking and FREAKY.he likes to take the queen and explore life epxloreing her pleasures as well as his own.The Queen is 36 VERY FINE and the best queen a king could have she is very submissive and she loves the king cum she a real cum slut just like he likes her.The queen is goinng to put her new sexy outfit on with the pussy and ass out of it because the king loves fucking his queen in her ass with his tongue . She puts on her sexy new Queen of the sluts outfit and she looks in the mirror and say to herself ,I hope Daddy gives me some cum because i want some so bad i hope he sucks my pussy and ass.The queen turns a little porn on and it is anal porn the porn star is getting spit and fingered in her as the queen tells the king I wish that was my ass daddy he then tells her to stand in front of him turn around spread your legs he says bend over he licks her back he licks down her ass crack down the back her legs back up till the tip of his tounge touches her asshole .He grabs her hips and pulls her towards him and away ,the kings wet tongue stiff as his dick in and out her ass. The queen is overwelmed with joy juices of intamicy and lust has taken her to a higher peak the king licks her pussy as if he was tounge kissing real slow and gentle her pussy is driipping wet with his slob and wet juices her legs are trembleing all she can think about is cum all over her dripping from her mouth .The queen turns around a spit right on the king dick rubs her pussy across it and slobs all over his dick slob is dripping down her face lips and his dick he turns to her for the 69 now its gobble the dick and suck my holes juices everywhere

Written by drdrips
Hochgeladen July 29, 2020
Notes The king and queen are on a long journey check us out next coming soon
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