Edwin & Michelle (Michelle Gets Ridden on a Boat)

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Michelle & Edwin met Brian and his wife at the dock and loaded all of the stuff on to the boat the stuff and headed out. Since Michelle had already been fucked once today she was already horny and wasn’t shy to expose that she wasn’t wearing any panties or a bra. As Brian navigated the boat out into the bay Michelle was continually flirting with him and he was enjoying it…he couldn’t get the boat out into the bay fast enough.

Brian’s wife came up behind Michelle and pulled her dress off and said “I think that you dick needs to go here” and then she gave Michelle a deep kiss, started to play with her clit and asked “Can my husband put his dick in here?” Michelle said “Yes” “Please” Brian’s wife asked “Can my husband cum in your beautiful pussy or do you want him to wear a condom” Michelle responded “No condom I want to feel it all”

Edwin offered to take the helm and Brians wife unzipped and pulled off his shorts which left his hard on exposed. Michelle who was already naked quickly started slowly stroking his hard on and led him down below deck. Since Brian’s wife and Edwin are voyeurs they took turns looking below to see who was doing what. We could hear moans of pleasure and the rocking of the boat. One scene we saw Brian on top of Michelle with her ankles up near her ears. One time we saw Brian fuck Michelle so good that she squirted. We were able to see the money shot when Brian shot his load inside of Michelle. After about 40-minutes Brian popped his head out of the hold and said that they needed air and water. I handed them back their clothes and they came up on deck and joined us. As we proceed to dock and get boarded by other fun friends Brian & Michelle were still laughing and joking. Michelle whispered in Edwins ear Did you like the show? Did you like seeing Brain fuck the hell out of me?” Edwin whispered “Yes” Michelle responded I cant wait until we get back to your place and I can feel you inside of me” Edwin said “How do you feel about a quickie” Michelle said “I want it” Edwin walked Michelle outside to the dock and took off her dress. She didn’t mind being naked. Edwin said “Tell me how you went from shoe shopping to getting fucked” Edwin slid his dick inside Michelles wet pussy and she told him the details.
“He was wearing workout shorts and she could see his bulge. When I bent down to check out a pair of shoes I noticed that he was staring at my boobs. When sat down to try on shoes my skirt was above my waist. He then said maybe we should go into my office. He locked the door and led me into his office where I pulled down his shorts and started to give him a blow job. I then sat on his desk and pulled off my dress and guided his dick inside of me that’s when you texted. After I put the phone down I came pretty quickly and then he came”

After hearing this Edwin came pretty quickly. Michelle put back on her dress and gave Edwin a kiss and said “To Be Continued”

As the party went on at Brian’s house Michelle was doing a great job of mingling with people and flirting. Later in the night. She had been hanging out with 3 guys Jimmy, Chris & Nick they were all laughing and flirting and hugging. Michelle came up to Edwin and said “I know that you like it when I fuck other guys but would you be ok if I fucked 3 guys at once?” Edwin said “Sure..if you want to take on 3 guys at once go for it…just make sure you can tell me about it later” She kissed him and said ok. All 3 of the guys that she was about to fuck were friends of Edwin’s so they looked over and he gave them a thumbs up. A little while later while Edwin was in the middle of a conversation with Donna he looked over and saw Michelle with her boobs out and making out and getting groped by all 3 guys. They led her into the guest bedroom where she stripped off her dress and one guy after another took their fucking her well fucked pussy or face fucking her. They all took turns making her cum and dumping their cum inside of her or on her chest.

At this point Michelle was worn out and tired. She put back on her dress and came up to Edwin and said. My pussy is throbbing for all of the hard fucking today. “Tonight can you take it easy on me? I still want to feel all of you tonight, later tonight and in the morning”. Edwin say said sure.

They all said there good byes. The wives of the guys that she fucked were happy and affectionate to Michelle..and they all hoped that she would be around more often. Edwin responded “I hope so to”.

Edwin and Michelle got in the car and drove back to Edwin’s house where we carried her inside stripped off her dress, carried her into the shower and proceeded to clean all part of her body and then slowly fuck her. While he was slowly fucking her he asked her if she wanted to move in with him. She said YES. Edwin asked if she wanted to call this her home. She screamed YES. He asked her if she wanted to be fucked like that again She screamed as long as you are my 1st fuck of the day and my last fuck of the day. He then carried her to bed where she fell asleep naked in his arms.

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