Edwin & Michelle (Michelle Enjoys FFS-Frequently Fucked Saturdday)

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The next morning she slept in and came out to the living room completely naked. She was awake refreshed with major bed head. Michelle sat next to Edwin and kissed him on his neck and whispered THANK YOU for an epic night. She then proceeded to give him a nice blow job once he was rock hard she laid on her back spread her legs and said fill me up please. As Edwin started fucking her he said that he was going to be the 1st and last guy that cums inside of her is she ok with that? she said yes. He said that she fucks whomever she wants today and then tells him how much fun she had and she said YES. He then made her repeat it back “You will be the 1st and last guy that cums in me tonight” He then came inside of her. They laid there for a minute letting the cum drip out of her and then Michelle explained that she needed clothes…well either a dress or pants/shirt. No bra or panties because it would be against one of the fun rules. She laughed and said that she liked all of the rules. They got cleaned up and they drove back to her place in the city to grab clothes. Edwin asked her to grab enough clothes for a few days because he didn’t want her to leave for a while. On the way into the city Edwin started rubbing Michelle’s legs and boobs. Since she was still horny she put her seat all of the way back and took off her pants and top…she was laying there naked. Her cute little pussy was red but very very moist. The one thing that Edwin didn’t notice last night is that Michelle had a nice patch of brown hair on her pussy. As he rubbed it he commented how nice it was and that she should keep it. Michelle said “During the winter, spring and fall I keep it trimmed a little but when its bikini season I typically shave it all off”
Edwin reached down and started to play with her clit while he was driving. Michelle quickly came and luckily enough the arrived at her place just as she got dressed.
Michelle ran into her apartment and came out with a big bag and hopped in the car. On the ride back to Annapolis she explained all of the clothes that she brought with her and she was quick to explain that she did not bring any bras or panties.
Once they got back to Edwin’s place Michelle quickly took off her clothes and went upstairs to lay out her outfits. As Edwin made lunch she modeled each one and then she realized that she didn’t grab any shoes. Edwin said no worries before we head out to Brian’s house they would stop by a local shoe store. Michelle settled on a cute white flowery sun dress with spaghetti straps. When they went hopped into Edwin’s Land Rover he jokingly made her repeat the rules.

Rule #1-No drinking and driving.
Rule #2 She does not pay for anything!
Rule #3 You can do whomever you want whenever you want.
Rule 4 is that when she is Annapolis she is not allowed to wear bra or panties.
Rule 5 is that she can fuck whomever she wants and when she comes home to E’s place she has to tell E about it.

The plan was that he was going to take her to a local shoe store owned by a sailing/drinking friend of Edwin’s and he would hook her up with a few pair of shoes. On the way over Edwin called Jimmy the shoe guys and told him that he was going to drop off a friend of his and could he hook her up with a few pair of shoes and put it on his tab. Jimmy said sure.

The owner of the store Jimmy was a 20-something friend of Edwin’s who sold shoes so that he could sail. When they went in the store Jimmy greeted them with hugs and Michelle whispered to Edwin said “don’t worry I remember the rules” Edwin said “Perfect” and gave her a kiss. Edwin left Michelle at the shoe store with Jimmy and went to the store to get snacks and booze for the boat and gas for the car. He came back 30 minutes later and the front door was locked and Michelle and Jimmy were no where to be found. He figured that Michelle and Jimmy were hooking up so he texted her to continue having fun he would be back in 30-40 minutes was that ok? The next text was of an image of Michelle getting fucked from behind with her thumbs up. Edwin came back 30 minutes later and Michelle had a cute pair of white converse on and 2 other pairs of shoes. Edwin went in and gave Jimmy a high five and Michelle a deep kiss. He then paid for the shoes. Once in the car Michelle put her finger inside of her wet pussy and then licked her fingers. She giggled and said “that she had fun shoe shopping”. As they pulled into Brian’s driveway Edwin gave Michelle a kiss and said…”the day is young…lets have some more fun..Also dont forget to tell me how you went from looking at shoes to getting fucked by Jimmy”..she giggled and said “ohhh yeah I hope by the time we get back to your house I have a LOT to tell you”.

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Hochgeladen August 23, 2020
Notes Day-2 of Michelle being in town and enjoys all that the men have to offer.
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