Foreplaying before smashing his stepsister's ass!

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The second his index finger entered her passage, she winced. With the other hand he intensified the strokes on her flesh, calming her like she was some kind of mare in heat. Her hips undulated playfully, without her thinking about it. Her body welcomed his invasion, and she could do nothing about it. When she got used to his index finger moving inside her anus, he added another finger. She moaned.

“How are we doing?” he said.

“Don’t stop.” She hissed out.

She stared at the thick candle burning on the metal holder on the nightstand. The foreplay continued for minutes, until he had three fingers into her and she moved her ass with luscious movements, swaying from side to side and hoping he’d bring the torment to an end.

She heard the sound of a condom wrapper ripping, didn’t resist and peeked behind her shoulders. The sight of that massive, gorgeous man rolling on the condom made her mewl. The look in his eyes spoke of a primal need to claim a stake, to dominate, to own.
She had never seen him so intense, and that alone made her need him so much more.
Without a word, he brought the tip of his cock to her entrance, and outlined her small opening with it.

He draped over her and she faced the pillows again. Murmuring in Spanish, he slid his fingers into her pussy and began the old game again, his fingers parting her lips while his thumb drove her overworked clit crazy. “You’re so wet baby. You really want me don’t you? Dios. So, so wet.”

Written by naughtyromancebooks
Hochgeladen July 26, 2020
Notes She has never done anal before, but her sexy stepbrother is making her beg for it.
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