Dirty talking.

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When I saw you touching yourself I wanted your cock inside me. I wanted you to fuck me.”

“Where?” he whispered, his breath fanning her ear lobe.
“My mouth. My pussy. Everywhere you want,” she said, her breath catching in her throat. The sensual massage on her breasts gave her the rush of a highly addictive drug spilling into her bloodstream. She closed her eyes for a second, trying to understand why her body felt so light though desire heaved.

He groaned. “Everywhere?”

“Y-yes,” she said, finding the kitchen spinning as she opened her eyes.

She heard the sound of his pants unzipping, and the clothes falling to the floor. Her heart sprinted like Usain Freaking Bolt. A flickering light inside her alerted her to the consequences having sex with Santiago could bring. But as soon as he nudged her thighs apart any doubt dissipated like powder into the sea.

Excerpt from Forbidden Stepbrother by Carmen Falcone.

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Notes Stepbrother loves to dirty talk!
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