Her stepbrother is about to spank her!

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“Sometimes I want to bend you over one knee and spank your snarky little ass,” he said under his breath, his Spanish accent so thick it became hard to understand.

My ass, little? A tremor surged through her, and she rose to her feet before she changed her mind. “Do it. If that’ll make you feel better about everything you lost. Do it, Santiago,” she said, her voice unwavering. “Spank me,” she heard herself saying and questioned her own state of mind. She cleared her throat.

I hate myself for wanting him. Maybe she deserved a spanking, in more ways than one. She could act altruistic and say she’d do it to bring an end to the war between them. The impeding punishment also gave her a clean slate. She would no longer experience guilt. She would no longer try to fill her time with all kinds of activities known to man… because a part of her was still a teenager with a silly crush on her stepbrother.
His jaw clenched and he tilted his head, probably entertaining the idea. “That wouldn’t erase what’s happened.”

“Nothing ever will. But if it’ll help you release the pent up anger you feel toward me, I’m in. I’d rather a few slaps on my ass than this toxic vibe between us.”

Hope you enjoyed this excerpt of FORBIDDEN STEPBROTHER by Carmen Falcone.

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Notes Santiago and Tiffany can no longer deny their desire for each other.
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