[Avatar] Azula, Mother of a New Nation

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This story takes place after the events of Avatar: The Last Airbender. All characters depicted are 18+.


Boiling Rock.

The Fire Nation’s most secure and advanced prison.

During the reign of Firelord Ozai Boiling Rock held mostly political prisoners who were too important to execute outright. Now it mostly stood empty. In fact, it remained active to hold only a single prisoner:

Azula. Former princess of the Fire Nation and, very briefly, the conquering queen of the Earth Kingdom. One of the most powerful firebenders on the planet and one of the world’s most notorious war criminals. To many, she was even more despised than her father.

For years she had been imprisoned in Boiling Rock, awaiting judgment from the Triumvirate Court of Justice: a war crimes tribunal representing the Earth Kingdom as well as the Northern and Southern Water Tribes. The “Azula problem” had been the subject of fierce debate ever since the end of the war. But finally, the court had come to a decision.

Today, Azula’s sentence would be carried out.


There was a loud, metallic clunk as the cell door was unlocked. A thin layer of ice cracked and fell to the ground as the door slowly opened. A thick cloud of fog formed as the frigid air of the cooling cell met the hot, humid air of the volcanic island.

“On your feet.” The voice of the guard was nearly as frigid and unsympathetic as the cooling cell. “Don’t make me drag you out of there, you bitch.”

The fog slowly parted, revealing Azula. She was huddled in the center of the cell, as far away as possible from the freezing metal walls. She was seated uncomfortably on a single, small cushion and draped in a tattered blanket...the bare minimum comforts needed to keep her alive inside the cooler.

She had been trapped there for over 36 hours now and had long ago lost the energy to shiver and her breath was no longer warm enough to fog in the frigid air. A non-firebender would be dead, but Azula’s power was strong enough to keep her, barely, alive in the frigid conditions. Which was exactly the intended function of the coolers...a day inside left a firebender too exhausted to bend for at least a week. Right now she couldn’t conjure a spark, let alone incinerate the arrogant woman standing in the doorway.

But she could imagine it...the flames...the woman’s screams...blackened bones falling to the floor. The thought was enough to bring a slight smile to Azula’s blue-tinged lips.

The guard took a step into the cell, raising her steel fan threateningly. She was a Kyoshi Warrior, dressed in that green armor and their stupid looking face-paint. A contingent of the warrior-women had been assigned as Azula’s personal wardens.

“I said, get up!” The woman snarled, snapping the fan shut, clearly ready to use it as a club if Azula didn’t obey. This particular guard had a special hatred for Azula, probably because of the scar she bore: half of her scalp was bald and waxy from badly-healed burns. Maybe Azula had given her that scar herself, back during the war...she dimly recalled a battle against several of the Kyoshi Warriors. That thought made her smile widen a bit more.

The Kyoshi guard raised her fan but hesitated before striking the former fire princess. Lowering the weapon she grabbed Azula by her ragged prison uniform and yanked her to her feet. Azula wobbled slightly, her numb limbs unresponsive and weak.

“I hope you’re ready, fire bitch. Today’s the day.” The taller woman hissed, her face only inches from Azula. Her eyes narrowed, “I hope it hurts.”

Azula curled her lips into a sneer, somehow managing to look down at a woman who was nearly four inches taller than her and probably twice her weight. She would not allow the threats of stupid, filthy Earth Kingdom commoners to rattle her.

“Do I detect a hint of jealousy?” Azula’s voice was rough, but still dripping with contempt. “My brother may manage to make his scars work for him...but I don’t think anyone would want to touch a cow like you even if your hair grew back.”

The Kyoshi woman gritted her teeth and Azula could hear her steel fan rattle as her hand shook. For a second, she thought the woman would strike her...but she must have known how the Avatar would react if Azula showed up to her sentencing half-beaten. Instead, she grabbed Azula roughly by the forearm and dragged her out of the cell and down the hallway.


Three hours later, Azula sat by herself in a cushioned chair inside a well-appointed bedroom. It must have belonged to a high-ranking warden before most of the prison staff were relieved of duty. Although she still felt chilled to the bone, some sense of feeling was starting to come back to her extremities as the warmth of Boiling Rock seeped into her muscles. She took a deep, centering breath but there was still no inner heat...it would be days, or maybe even weeks, before she’d be able to produce even a wisp of smoke.

She looked down at herself...the Kyoshi warriors had stripped her ragged prison clothes off, given her a (cold) bath and dressed her in new clothes: a simple wrap top which left her shoulders and midriff bare, flared harem pants and slippers. They were a dull brown in color and were nothing like the finery that she wore as the princess of the Fire Nation...but it was still strange to wear actual clothes after spending years wearing little more than rags. The Kyoshi women had even combed out her long, tangled hair and tied it back into a bun.

For a moment she considered her body. She had developed in her years at Boiling Rock, although a restricted diet (to control her chi accumulation) had kept her rather slender and waifish. Despite that, her breasts had filled out considerably, along with

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Written by rpickman
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Notes The war crime tribunal has spoken: to make up for her family's crimes, Azula must offer up her body to correct one of the most heinous: the genocide of the air nomads. To avoid the death penalty, she has no choice but to bear a new generation of air bending children. And, of course, as the last of the airbenders, Avatar Aang must be the one to carry out the sentence.
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