Dianne Part-2

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Dianne The Girl Next Door (Part-3)
Over the next few weeks Dianne and I got into the rhythm of a normal sexually charged couple.
Dianne had practically moved into my my place.
She would drive into her office 2 days and a week and work from my place 3 days a week. Since I complemented her on her body she made it a point to flash me often. Dianne did not shave all of the hair between her legs she kept it trimmed and perfect so her vagina was covered with a beautiful mound of manicured red hair.
We were so sexually charged up that she was DTF (down to fuck) anytime or anyplace. We went to a friends wedding and we wound up fucking in the parking lot and then coming back inside and joining the rest of the group. We had dinner with her parents on the way to the restaurant she gave me road head and I cam in her mouth just as we got to the restaurant and after dinner once we got in the car she pulled of her skirt and rode me….WOW her parents could have seen us or I could have wrecked. We go out to a bar with friends and we are fucking anywhere.

One Sunday afternoon we were out on the sailboat laughing when Dianne got a call from her sister Debbie.
From what Dianne filled me in on about her sister
- [ ] Debbie had just broken up with her boyfriend.
- [ ] Her and her boyfriend were swingers.
- [ ] Debbie enjoyed men and women.
- [ ] Dianne and Debbie have had 3-somes and gang bangs with various boyfriends
- [ ] Dianne has been in the room while her sister fucked and drained 3 different guys
- [ ] She needed a stable place to stay for a few months

Long story short Dianne and Debbie were closer than any 2 sisters EVER and that’s OK.

I was prepared for what I thought the next statement would be..”Can Debbie Stay With Us” and without thinking I said “Of course”. The next statement I was not ready for Dianne said“ I am ok if you fuck my sister…hell if Im home I will probably watch” but you are free reign to fuck us anytime anywhere.

I had to clarify
ME->You are ok if I fuck your sister
Dianne-> Yes
ME->When I fuck your sister you are ok with it and might watch
ME->If I cum in your sister we will still be together
Dianne->??Thats a stupid question..Why wouldn’t we be?
ME->Does your sister know that you have given me a green light to fuck her
Dianne->Yep we both have given you the green light

I quickly gulped 2 drinks and Dianne said all of this talk about fucking has made me horny…Can we fuck? Dianne stripped off all of her clothes and I had her hold on to the wheel of the boat while I fucked her from behind and deposited my load inside of her. Dianne quickly sat on the captains chair and proceeded to masterbate by rubbing my cum on her clit.

The next Thursday Debbie showed up in her pick up truck loaded to the gills with all of her stuff.She came in quietly and went to sleep in the guest room. The next morning Dianne fixed breakfast and then we joked around about how much stuff Debbie had. Debbie said that she had to get to work..she was late.. she grabbed her keys and started to head off.I stopped her and gave her the keys to my Tesla. She gave me a deep kiss and said thanks, “I’ll pay you back later”. We all went about our day. Dianne and I had our typical nooner. Dianne was dressed in her work attire from the waist up and nothing from the waist down. Every once in a while I would walk past her make shift work office in the spare bedroom and see Dianne with her computer closed and her legs up masterbating. Later that afternoon while we were getting ready to head out I asked Dianne what she was thinking about and she filled me in on what was going on through her head.
- [ ] Me fucking her sister while she watched
- [ ] Me fucking her while her sister watched
- [ ] All of the free and easy sex that we all were going to have

On our way to meet up with friends I asked Dianne about her limits when it came to Debbie. Dianne said that she is free and open with her sister but dont try to force any sort of sexual activity between us. We can fuck you but dont try to get me to make out or go down on her or vice versa…that’s where we both draw the line. I said perfect now I know the playing field.

As we were walking Dianne lifted up her dress and showed me her nice red bush and said “Do you like this playing field?” I said ohh yes :-). I quickly guided her into the dressing room of a local dress shop, the attendant was old but nice and really didn’t pay us any attention. I bent Dianne over and started to fuck her in typical fashion she started to moan. She said that she was going to cum. As soon as I could feel her cum I came. She pulled down her dress gave me a kiss and we headed off to meet up with friends.

While we were at the bar hanging out with friends Dianne was being her normal sexual playful self she would whisper in my ear “I can feel you cum oozing down my legs”.
Debbie texted and said that she would meet up with us later. We all had a nice buzz when Debbie showed up. We wedged ourselves in a booth at the Clipper Bar with our friends and the drinks and conversation flowed nicely. Dianne was next to me and Debbie was across from me. Debbie started rubbing my leg and my crotch with her foot. Dianne saw this and gave Debbie a high five and a toast. Dianne then whispered in my ear “look down” when I looked down Debbie had pulled her dress all the way up and was fingering herself she pushed her finger inside of her and then put it in my mouth. Unlike her sister Debbie was a Brunette and did not keep any hair down there. YES tonight was going to be fun.

Throughout the night Debbie, Dianne and I were dancing around, drinking and laughing. At one point during the night Debbie said are you ok with our openness? Are you ok if you fuck us both whenever you want? Then she said “I cant wait to feel you inside of me, I cant wait to feel ALL of you inside of me”

Since the townhouse was within walking distance and

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Notes Dianne invites her sister to live with us.
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