The Delivery Guy

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It was a usual morning in my home and I had just finished up my morning bath when I hear a knock at the door. Who might this be I thought as I grabbed my robe, headed directly to the door and took a look out the peep hole. Just to see what appeared to be a delivery guy struggling to get my package off his truck. He was fine, brown skin, nice wavy hair, looked to be about 21. My juices immediately started to flow. I opened my door and said to him, need some help? "Nah it's cool, wouldn't want you scratching up that nice body of yours" he replied. I smiled and held the door open for him while telling him to come on in. I knew exactly where I wanted him to put that package... and I definitely was not talking about the one he had just delivered. I had something else in mind. He sat my package down and quickly scanned the room asking if he could relieve hisself to the restroom really quick. "Sure" I said, while pointing him in the direction of the bathroom and the end of the hall. Within 5 minutes or so he returned from my restroom to find me spread eagle across my couch, robe completely removed. I looked at him, licked my lips and asked if he had time to deliver one more package before he had to get back to work. I could instantly see his manhood begin to rise inside his work pants. My pussy was getting wetter and wetter by the minute. I laid back and began rubbing on my thick juicy clit while he just stood there watching while massaging his dick through his pants. Just as I was nearing a orgasm he raced over to me gently lifted my body up and put my moist pussy directly in his mouth. The way he sucked mercifully on my clit made me cum in his mouth over and over again. He stuck his fingers inside me while sucking on my clit at the same time. He flipped me over and started drilling my throat while we were in a 69. The excitement from sucking dick and getting ate at the same time caused me to squirt everywhere. "Fuck my throat" I said as his hard 12 inch dick swiftly went in and out of my mouth. I sucked on the head while licking up and down on the shaft until I felt his dick began to jerk. I quickly removed his dick from my mouth while telling him to leave his load all over my pretty face. He came all over my lips and I happily licked it all up. Smiling at one another while taking a moment to catch our breath. "Im not done with you" he said as he laid me back down sticking his rock hard dick deep inside my right wet pussy. I cried out in ecstasy. As he slowly pumped in and out of me. I was about to loose it, his dick was just too good, about 5 minutes into us fucking and I started to shake uncontrollably. He began to kiss me while pushing his manhood deeper and deeper inside me. "I want to feel all of you" he said as he sped up his pace and started fucking me like a rag down. I pussy gushed out cream, that's when he announced that he was about to cum, i started grinding harder and harder as he pumped in and out of me I squirted all over his dick as he painted my pink walls with his hot thick cum.

Written by TionnaTease
Hochgeladen August 14, 2020
Notes This sexy young house wife gets more than she expected when a hot delivery guy shows up at her door step to deliver her package.
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