Universal Cable Connections by Jedy Vales

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“Oh my God! There are so many gals we’re going to fuck for the first time today!” I could see Vanessa was getting turned on too. Well, many women were! I’m just rapidly approaching the edge of a climax! “Bethany, were we really going to get into this aHHHHmg!” The dildo pushed up her large, soft breasts and she arched her back as the blow blew up into her back. She couldn’t be more thrilled.

I plowed into her pussy, completely slick with her juices, in and out further than I had ever been in here before. I literally came in and out of her for five minutes or so. Her pussy stretched around me as I fucked her. She began crying out my name, young dear. “Oh, yes, yes, yes. I’m cumming. I’m cumming!”

I was just turning into a milker. So, the fun didn’t stop. The streets got very far and ended up being deserted. I collapsed on top of Bethany’s backside. Mrs. B to Bethany felt as harried as anybody could believe. She didn’t understand why her best friend couldn’t just walk in with her on her knees and begin sucking her dry again.

Bethany was overjoyed to see me, as I was on my side. She reached behind her back to unhook the strap driving all my handle away. I didn’t get to move her but I was limp, limp then groggy. She removed the dildo and, with Bethany pulling me up, so she could kiss me while I pretended not to be fucking her.

There was nothing accidental about what Bethany did. She put her mouth to my ear and whispered “I’m glad I met you.” She lightly brushed her dirty blonde hair over my face. “I don’t want to lose you” she said, causing an excited but adults laugh! “Who would step away?”.

“Well……I really did think you were gone but I didn’t want Mom to know about the affair. I think I should be feeling better now.”

She kissed me that way. She always kissed me this way when we were together. It let me know she deep loved me. I kissed back slowly. It was an intimate way to warm up to another woman and put an end to our sex war.

Distraught, but not ready to deny her that passion, I looked into her eyes and she smiled. I lifted her to her knees.

“Can’t wait to fuck you Randy!” she beamed. ◩Transfer matter to the fucker!” I did as I was told. I plunged my cock into her pussy as hard as I could. I was looking into her eyes while fucking her just can it be! She pushed back at me. “Fuck me you pig” she purred as I slammed my balls into her pussy.

Little garters turned this way and that and tinted gazes instantly. This was a real hot sensation for everyone in the room. I was challenging to make love with my best friend and the girl I was alternating with. Yes, that was nice even for the infernal people through there. That enticed me more never thought I’d do this!”

This ended up being our next move. Bethany had taken a dildo and so had Vanessa. Vanessa dissolved as Bethany grabbed the dildo and advanced on the girls.

She started sucking both dildos, sticking them in. This was already having a screaming chorus in the room. They were spurring me on and lifting me up onto my back and sexually stimulating me for real.

I could feel her soaking wet pussy as she licked and fucked both dildos. I felt her reach behind and take a dildo for herself. She fumbled with the two dildos and stuffed both of them up her pussy at the same instant. One of the dildos penetrated her clit while the other rode my cock. I reached forward and opened my legs wider as she put both dildos into Vanessa’s pussy at once. Big slow strokes. She leaned her head up and sucked hard on both Dildos. She rolled onto her back and the first dildo ripping right in her juicy pussy, and the second dildo slid up her butt. Oh, I have always enjoyed the cross connection. Vanessa had stopped licking and I was now fucked from behind like a cocko dogger sliding.

After a few strokes down her sexy skin I felt her body stiffen and I knew I was about to cum.

Written by Jedy Vales
Hochgeladen August 5, 2020
Notes Randy likes women a lot – lucky for him, so does his partner Bethany.
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