An innocent MILF's burden - Chapter 1

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In a sleek and modern home, two women sat in a richly decorated room, spotless from top to bottom. One wall was a solid glass pane featuring a view of the sprawling hills that soon turned into the bright lights of a densely populated city. The two attractive ladies sat on a pristine white couch with their eyes locked on the enormous television before them, though one of them was suspiciously fidgeting.

“Something the matter, sweety?” Heather called out to her step-daughter in a sing-song voice that seemed to be perpetually seductive. It was slightly titillating to the listener, no matter the person’s sex or orientation.

She placed a soft hand on her step-daughter’s thigh, her nails painted with a light pink gloss. That— is the matter, step-mom, Amy thought as she got a tingly feeling at her mother’s contact, imagining it inching towards her crotch. That outfit of yours doesn’t help, she thought half in appreciation and half in frustration. Having just turned 18, her hormones were at an all time high.

Heather’s outfit was a form-fitting white dress that could scarcely be called subtle. Its chest area had a V cut out of it to allow for a gratuitous amount of cleavage display, with a diamond shape slightly below it showing off some of her flat stomach. It tightly hugged her curves, containing her massive breasts, slimming down at her tiny waist before jutting out with the shapes of her wide hips and fat ass. Unfortunately, it was not as generous with displaying her thick thighs, draping around them in a way that left Amy cursing the designer for being so close to perfection. Her getup was completed with some light makeup, red lipstick and large golden earrings beautifully decorating her gorgeous face and the locks of dark brown that fell down her back.

The only thing Amy could view her step-mother as was a bimbo begging to get knocked up. Usually she was the milfiest milf she’d ever seen, but right now she was the bimboiest bimbo she’d ever seen. She didn’t care if that made sense or not, that’s just how she felt.

Amy could thank her mom’s good nature for this troublesome situation. She had just gotten back from a charity gala she had hosted, and she was left with no time to change if they wanted to catch the start of their show. Sure, it was uncomfortable being crammed in a tight dress for hours, but damn if she was going to miss their show. It was their show, they had been watching it every week for five years now, and even if they had both gotten bored of it, it was time they enjoyed spending together.

Amy just knew her dad was behind getting her to wear it, knowing full well it’d increase the donations by orders of magnitude. Although Amy gave him a pass on that, as there was no way the ditzy woman would have been able to organise and execute an event of that scale on her own. Her dad had the connections and know-how, while her mom had the saintly spirit and squeaky clean background, not to mention the love and admiration of the community. And tits, giant tits, can’t forget that.

“You’ve been acting weird all evening. Was it those girls again?” Heather asked, her voice sympathetic. Amy could hear the pain in her voice as she empathized with her daughter, and it simultaneously made her heart flutter and hurt at the same time, loving hearing how much she cared for her but not being able to stand seeing her in pain.

Amy shook her head, “No, actually…” She took a second to calm her nerves, stopping herself from shaking as much as possible. I’m gonna do it, she told herself. A smile stretched across her face, one that didn’t reach her eyes, “I got a date!” she exclaimed with fake excitement.

Heather’s face lit up with joy and she almost jumped into a hug with her daughter, “I’m so happy for you darling!”

Amy’s face flushed with red as she felt her step-mom’s enormous mounds of flesh push into her, having to use a hand as support to stay upright on the couch. She took the opportunity to wrap her other hand around her mother, sensually caressing her through her dress, Heather being completely oblivious to her more than friendly touch.

That was so easy, Amy thought with pride. I don’t even feel guilty about it. I thought I would. I shouldn’t get too ahead of myself though, this is only the setup, she thought to herself as she felt blood rush down to her member in excitement. Luckily she wasn’t wearing jeans or anything, her baggy and comfortable sweatpants covering the growing hardness in her pants.

The two completely ignored the laugh track sounding out from the TV, used to being absorbed in conversation and ignoring the much too predictable TV series.

Heather pulled away from the crushing and somewhat arousing hug she had put her daughter through, a dazzling smile still on her face. Her smile faltered slightly at the sight of her daughter still fidgeting.

“What’s the matter honey? Isn’t that great news?”

Amy gave a defeated sigh, “Well, yeah… but I’m a bit worried…” she explained, her eyes suddenly finding the floor extremely interesting.

Heather took her step-daughter’s hands in her own and looked her in the eyes with a steadfast expression, “Worried about what? I’m sure sh- they, will like you.”

Heather’s confidence in her daughter wasn’t simply based on a mother’s love. Amy was a complete knockout, curvier than most girls could dream about, though she didn’t hold a candle to her mother in that department. What she lacked in curves she made up for with a breathtakingly cute face, soft features and a small nose marking her as still a teen. She’d inherited her dad’s green eyes and straight brown hair, keeping it shorter than her mother at slightly below the shoulders.

Amy looked into her mom’s eyes then pretended to avert them out of embarrassment, “I haven’t kissed anyone before… so if she wants to kiss she’ll realise I’m a loser who doesn’t know how to kiss,” her voice trembling slightly at the last few words.

Heather’s heart broke se

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Notes A horny futa teen has a bombshell MILF of a step-mother. She’s kind hearted and caring but not very bright, leaving her wide open for being manipulated into becoming a cocksleeve.
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