In Demand - Chapter 1

Chapter 1: In Demand - Chapter 1
  • Chapter 1: In Demand - Chapter 1
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You wake up thinking it’s like any other day, but you realise it very much isn’t when you start your morning ritual of browsing the internet. There is a distinct lack of men, when looking at any site, there are some men but they’re vastly outnumbered by the women.

Unless this is an elaborate prank that the whole internet is in on, you have somehow woken up in a parallel dimension or something crazy like that. Trying to look up “what happened to men” or things to that effect yield no results, there was no great disappearance of men, things have simply always been this way, somehow. And by ‘this way’, you mean that men have a 1 in 10 000 chance of being born, with the other 9999 being women.

How civilization hadn’t yet collapsed due to underpopulation baffles you, until you look at a porn site. The first thing that stands out to you is the noticeable uptick in lesbian videos, the second is that in every video with a guy in it, he would impregnate dozens of girls. And they’re all hung and able to keep fucking right after finishing. This makes you think about your dick, which has gotten hard from your ‘research’. Looking into your pants, you can see it’s huge. You were maybe a little above average before, but now you are well above it, it must be at least 11’.

“Get down here slowpoke, you’ll be late!” you hear your step-mother yell from downstairs. Not wanting to tempt her wrath with something as petty as an existential crisis, you hurriedly turn off your computer and head out of your room to the kitchen downstairs, finding your step-mom cleaning a frying pan, with a plate of pancakes on the cupboard next to her.

Your step-mother had always been something the other boys in class used to rile you up with, with her being a bombshell milf and with no husband in the picture. Long curly brown hair, a mature and symmetrical face with no flaws or blemishes, and curves to die for.

You excitedly grab the plate, some cutlery and syrup and sit down to eat. Before you’re able to dig in, your step-mother kisses you on your forehead, “Not even a hello or thank you? Where did I go wrong?” she says with a playful tone and a shake of her head.

You let out a nervous chuckle, realising your mistake, “Sorry, I just had something on my mind. Thanks mom.”

She looks down slightly and raises an eyebrow, before placing her hand on the bulge in your pants, “I can see that,” she says with a flirtatious wink.

You freeze, your brain practically short circuiting from this situation that smells like a stepmother stepson porn scenario.

Before you’re able to recover, she lets go of your cock and says, “Want me to take care of your morning wood, son?” in the same tone she would use for asking if you wanted a glass of water.

Only a second passes before she looks like she remembered something, looking at her watch, “Oh! Seems I have to run, if you want, you can ask your step-sister to take care of it for you,” she says before kissing you on your forehead again and heading out of the kitchen. A few moments later you hear the front door close.

You put your head in your hands and scream internally. What the fuck just happened? Seeing all of that stuff on the internet was shocking, but experiencing the differences between this world and the one youI came from made your brain feel like it was unplugged from your body.

So, your step-mom offered to fuck you, or get you off at least. If you had time to consider it and give a response, would you have said yes?

You don’t know if you should be ashamed of the answer or not. But she clearly was not, and she’s not a shameless person, so it must be normal for her to act this way in this world.

You feel your cock throbbing with need just thinking about this. She said your step-sister would take care of it right? You can fuck her?

Thinking about your step-sister’s sexy body is not anything new to you, but this time it didn’t feel nearly as weird. Feeling your dick press against your pants, you decide to take this world by the balls, or, well, pussy, and just enjoy yourself.

You head to the living room where you assume your step-sister is. Indeed she is, lying on the couch on her stomach with her phone out, playing some mobile game. “Hey sis,” you said as you approached the couch.

“Yo,” is her curt response, she doesn't even turn her head to look at you. Now standing behind her, you see her college aged body wearing a loose sweater, with her straight brown hair spread across her back and spilling onto the couch. You also notice a distinct lack of pants, revealing her perfectly shaped bare fat ass. In between that ass you can see her puckered asshole and her tight lipped pussy.

“Hannah, you aren’t wearing any panties,” you say as you look at her perfect behind and the treasures it held, your cock hurting from being kept under your pants.

“So?” comes a brief reply.

“So you live with a healthy male teen, it’s bound to cause some reactions.”

At this she finally turns around to look at you, then your crotch. Giving a casual shrug, “I guess. Well, since I made it like that you can use me to feel better. It’s not healthy to hold back,” she says, finishing by giving her ass a light slap.

That was all you needed. You quickly pull down your pants and underwear and sit on her legs just below her ass. You place your cock between your step-sister’s huge ass cheeks and slowly bring it back and forth, her soft flesh on both sides of your cock being coated with precum.

Though Hannah’s ass cheeks feel amazing, but you can’t hold yourself from the main course any longer as you bring the tip of your penis to her soft pussy folds, coating your dick in her wetness as you rub it against her entrance, “I’m putting it in.”

“Yeah,” is the only confirmation you get before you push forward, parting her folds around your cock, her lips looking like they’re barely able to contain your size as they spread themselves around you. Your step-sister’s h

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Notes You wake up in a world where women are desperate to get fucked, used and impregnated, since the population is skewed heavily towards women, with most of them never having met, much less fucked, a man before.
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