The female inmate sucks her hot counselor. She's a bad, bad girl who wants to be fucked...

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When she brought him into her mouth he threw his head back, dizzy with the sensations filling him. She murmured something he didn’t comprehend, then continued to try and fit all of him into her mouth, off by a few inches. She didn’t seem to care. She sucked whatever she could manage, her tongue caressing his smooth skin, while her teeth gently grazed the undersides, driving him crazy.

“You suck so good, baby.”

She replied with a lazy “Hhhhmmmmm…” as if she savored some sweet delicacy. She even put both hands on his hips. Encouraged, he pulled her by the hair, withdrawing his cock halfway from her mouth. She moaned in protest.

“You want more don’t you? You want me to fuck your mouth.”


“Bad girl.”

He started to take his cock out and then thrust it into her mouth again. Thank God, she had no gag reflex… he intensified the rhythm, moving his dick in and out of her mouth, and down her throat. Sooner than expected, he convulsed, spilling himself into her. He groaned, wishing they were somewhere else so he could scream.

Excerpt from FORBIDDEN INMATE, by Carmen Falcone.

Written by naughtyromancebooks
Hochgeladen July 13, 2020
Notes Mia is going down on Trent!
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