The Knothole

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Stephanie walked barefoot through the meadow. She curled her toes, savoring the feeling of the wet dew between them. Stephanie looked around to confirm she was alone. She was completely secluded. Isolated from the rest of the world.
Stephanie unbuttoned her dress. One more look around to confirm she was alone. She was, she then pulled her dress down. Exposing her breasts to the hot summer air. She leaned her head back letting the sun kiss her face and exposed chest.
She laid down and smiled.
“Beautiful,” she said. Relishing the dew on her back and the sun on her chest.
“It certainly is,” a voice rang out. Stephanie darted up, she covered her breasts.
“Who is there?” She asked looking around. There was no one around that she could see. She quickly began to pull her dress over herself.
“No need to do that,” the voice said. “You humans are always so eager to cover beauty.”
“We. Humans? Who are?”
“Come to the trees. I’ll let you see me if you come to the trees.” She got to her feet and began to walk to the tree line, as she did she kept pulling her dress up. “Don’t do that!”
“Cover yourself. Don’t do that or I won’t let you see me.”
“I can’t walk around with my breasts out.”
“You already have. Leave them out or you can’t see me.” Stephanie sighed and dropped her dress. She walked to the tree line and stood in its shadow.
“Here I am,” she said moving her hands to her breasts.
“Yes you are. And a deal is a deal,” the voice rang out from the darkness. A light began to shine out in the darkness. It didn’t seem to have an origin place. Just a floating orb. The light grew brighter. And brighter. Until she had to glance away. Finally the light disappeared and a small floating cherub took its place. It hovered about 5 feet in front of her. It looked like a little man, he was only about 3 feet tall but flew in front of her on small wings.
“What are?” She asked.
“I’m a cherub” it said. It flew forward and began to softly run its finger on her breast and then lightly squeezed her nipple. “Did you know the word cherub means passionate desire?”
“I did not,” she said was the creature kept fondling her breasts,
“The body is a work of art. All bodies. We can not fathom hiding your bodies. And knowing passion desire.”
“I’m not allowed to know passion,” she said. “My parents have planned my life. I’m to be married. I’m locked away from everyone. This meadow is my only taste of freedom.”
“You can taste other things in this meadow.” He took her by the chin and looked into her eyes.
“Show me,” she whispered.
“Follow the light,” it turned into a small light and shoot into the dark wood. Stephanie’s breasts bounced as she raced after it. The light raced ahead, she felt like she was going to lose it but some way always kept up. The light shot forward, into the darkness. The trees were so thick they blocked the sun. Finally it stopped. Just in front of a large tree. The biggest tree she had ever seen, it was as large as a house. On the front of the tree was a large round knot. The light hovered in front of it.
“Enter here,” it said. Stephanie pushed on the knot. Nothing happened. She pushed again. Nothing.
“I can’t get in,” she said pushing with all her might.
“Of course not. Your still wearing the dress.”
Stephanie looked at the knot. She bit her lip as she thought. Finally she figured why not and dropped her dress to her ankle’s. She pushed on the knot again. Nothing.
“Underwear too.” The voice rang out. Stephanie lowers her white panties and stepped out of them. She stood, completely naked in front of the knot. “Try now.”
Stephanie pushed on the knot, it was still hard but she felt it nudge a little. She pushed a little more and the knot began to open up. She was able to push her hand into it. Then her arms, she began to crawl into it until it seemed to swallow her completely.
She crawled on her hands and knees. The inside didn’t feel like wood. It was soft against her flesh. As she pushed her way forward she saw a light glowing. It got brighter as she got closer. Finally she was able to slide out.
Stephanie’s feet landed in grass the softest grass she had ever known. She curled her toes noticing how it felt like an old warm rug. There was light in the sky but it couldn’t be the sun, there was no sting to its shine. Only a welcoming glow.
“Welcome,” the cherub said. He was sitting on a small toad stole. He had his penis in his hand and was stroking it slowly.
“Oh my,” she turned away.
“Do not be shy. This behavior is natural here,” it said. She turned and watched him stroke himself. “You’re welcome to.”
“I don’t think I could,” she said her face burned from embarrassment.
“Of course you can. You didn’t think you could expose your body either. But you did.” He had a point. She lowered her hand, slide of down her stomach until she reached her vagina. She ran her fingers up and down her lips. It sent a shock wave through her body causing her leg to twitch. “Oh god.”
“See. And your enjoying yourself too,” the creature said. He was right but she didn’t respond. She kept toying with herself, and slid her finger deep into her. It slid inside without resistance. She was shocked to feel how moist she had become. She slowly pumped her finger in and out her. She closed her eyes and slid two fingers into her. She took one hand and began to play with her breast. Squeezing and tugging on her erect nipple. She felt another strange sensation. She opened her eyes to see more cherubs, these ones were flying around her kissing her body. One flew down to her legs and moved her hand aside. It began kissing and sucking on her labia.
“Ohhh,” she moaned. The sensation was almost to much for her. One cherub was sucking on her breast. Another’s kissing her toes. One sucking on her fingers. One nipping her ear lobe. While one sucked on her swollen clit.
“Let it come,” the cherub on the toad stole said.
She screamed out and fell on her back. She landed softly on the grass the cherubs flew

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Notes Stephanie meets a strange creature of the who opens doors to her she has never knew existed.
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