Virgin heroine gets sexy with her father's best friend!

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“You’ve been a very, very bad girl, Kate,” Graham said in a low growl, and the little hairs on the back of her neck stood on end. He turned her around and pulled up her black skirt, exposing her shivering flesh. “And this is what a bad girl gets.”

He bent her over the table, the cold glass pressing against her bare breasts. Gasping, she plastered her hands on the smooth surface as he pulled down her panties. She wished she had kinkier lingerie on, instead of the boring tan-colored undies even her Tea Party grandmother would approve of.

When he palmed her ass, his hand circled it lusciously, leaving her skin warm and tender. “I’m going to fuck you hard, but first you need to pay for being a naughty girl with a crush on her father’s best friend.”

She chewed on her lower lip. How could she argue? He swatted her butt, and she heard the sharp slap before her skin tingled and throbbed for more . . . much more. “Sorry. I–I couldn’t help it,” she said, her breath fogging the glass.

He squeezed her ass again and Kate moaned, the sound so loud she’d bet the neighborhood could hear. God, what was she thinking? And why did it feel so damn good?

“You like it dirty. And now it’s time to pay for it,” he said.
Yes. Yes. Yes. She’d dreamed of this for years, and now, at the age of twenty, her fantasy would finally come true. Her nipples tightened. She ached to be touched where no other man had ever touched her before. She had saved herself for this moment. For him. Graham Davenport.

“Spread your legs for me, Kate.”

God. Her clit vibrated at the idea. He nudged her thighs apart with his hand, his fingers scissoring her soaking wet folds. She moved her head from one side to another, unable to stay still at the delicious sensations his touch evoked in her.

He groaned. “Oh, Kate . . .”

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Written by naughtyromancebooks
Hochgeladen July 27, 2020
Notes Kate is about to get it from her dad's hot best friend. A fantasy she had for far too long... and now it's time to make it happen!
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