[Resident Evil] A Taste of Claire

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Claire Redfield’s bare feet padded quietly on the cold linoleum floor as she stalked the bloodstained halls of Raccoon City Police Department, handgun ready between her hands. She wasn’t particularly thrilled to find herself in this situation, but a zombie had snagged boot earlier that night and she’d had to yank her foot free to avoid having her Achilles tendon bitten in half. She’d discarded the remaining boot (the only thing worse than walking with no boots was walking in only one boot) and hadn’t been able to bring herself to start trying on the shoes of any of the poor, dead people who littered the floor. She’d had to ditch the socks after walking out into the rain to speak with Leon and getting them soaked through. So, barefoot it was.

To make matters worse, she was almost certainly lost.

Another walking corpse had ambushed her while she was examining her map and, on instinct, she’d stuffed the folded paper into its mouth to avoid being bitten. After blowing the thing’s head to pieces there hadn’t been much left and she had to navigate by memory.

It didn’t help that this place was an architectural nightmare...an eclectic, 1950s art museum transformed into a police station in the sixties...then renovated with semi-modern amenities sometimes in the 90s, along with one the most bizarre security systems Claire had ever encountered.

How could Chris work here?

She had been searching for the S.T.A.R.S. office for 15 minutes while avoiding the zombies roaming the halls. There had been a few close calls here and there but so far she had been lucky and avoided any injury. But she was almost out of bullets. Maybe she should have taken the opportunity to grab more of the ammo boxes she had seen lying around...but the risk of attracting more undead attention had given her second thoughts.

The office has to be around here somewhere, I’m sure the map said-


Claire yelped, more from surprise than actual pain, when her bare toes hit something on the ground, causing a loud metallic rattle as it rolled along the floor. Frowning, she shifted the gun to her left hand and bent down to pick up the item that she had accidentally kicked. It was an opened aluminum soda can...but it didn’t feel empty. Shaking it produced another loud rattle.

She turned it over and shook it a few times until its contents scattered across the ground. The can had been filled with spent casings from 9mm handgun rounds.

Some kind of...noisemaker maybe? The zombies she had met so far didn’t seem concerned about anything except what was right in front of them. But this place had been under siege for several days, so she couldn’t exactly blame the officers for getting desperate.

She tossed the can to the floor. Her pouch was already full of first aid spray canisters and the bizarre collection of keycards and geegaws that she had collected to bypass this weird place’s security system.

As she prepared to resume the search for the S.T.A.R.S. office, there was a sudden movement from the corner of her eye...something big and red and fast. She spun, gun pointing into the darkness while she fumbled at her hip pouch to pull out her flashlight.

Clicking it on, she pointed it at the wall only to find that there was nothing there…except for what seemed to be long, deep cuts in the wallpaper and the wood underneath. There were three, grouped together almost like...claw marks. Except Claire didn’t know anything with claws that size. A bear? That was definitely no bear that had just streaked past her.

There was a noise in the darkness, a drawn-out rattling hiss. It was a feral, dangerous sound, far more predatory than the pitiful groans and gurgles of the half-dead infected.

“What the hell was that?” Claire thoughtlessly spoke her thoughts aloud as she swung the flashlight to try and follow the sound. Her words turned into an involuntary, high-pitched shriek as something leapt at her from the darkness.

Time seemed to slow as the creature lunged into the beam of her flashlight, giving Claire’s terrified brain time to take in every detail. This thing was no zombie, at least not anything like the zombies she had encountered since coming to Raccoon City. It had the general size and shape of a human, but its legs and arms were splayed into something resembling the body of a quadruped.

At first, she assumed that the monster’s skin was beet red and covered in glistening slime...but in that week-long split-second as it made its leap she realized that it would be more accurate to say that it had no skin at all. Its muscles were bare and glistening in the light of her flashlight, with veins and bones protruding here and there across its body.

As the beast inched through the air with painful slowness, Claire’s mind couldn’t help but fixate on its extended arms. The skinless muscles of its forearms had swollen grotesquely, easily three or four times the size of a normal human hand. From those huge, meaty paws extended four huge claws, each bigger than two of Claire’s fingers.

Equally disturbing was the creature’s face or what remained of it, at least. Its jaws were hugely distended and filled with a cluster of sharp, oversized teeth that resembled a deep-sea angler fish. Inside the mouth, beyond that array of gleaming fangs, was some kind of round lump of flesh. The monster’s brain was exposed and grotesquely swollen, covering the top of the head like a meaty cap and covering (or perhaps replacing) its eye sockets.

Claire’s adrenaline-soaked brain was still processing everything in slow motion, so it seemed to take several minutes before her body finally registered her mind’s desperate commands to move!

She tried to backpedal, to get enough room to turn and run, her instincts choosing flight over fight. Even the half-rotten, shambling corpses she had faced up until now could take several handgun rounds to go down. There was simply no way she would be able to take ai

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Written by rpickman
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Notes A Licker gets the drop on Claire Redfield as she explores Raccoon City PD. A story based on the animation by Hinca P.
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