Riding in Cars with Droids by Jedy Vales

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Damn, just a Chrysler Insurance driver," I said as they jogged away.

"Oh Scottie, you don't have to be talking right now," he replied, "I'll just leave you to it."

He dashed off into the corner to get something to drink.

I couldn't believe it when He reached under the hood and twirled my piped up heater to warm. He hooked his fingers in the connections and I was right back on on the Tesla U100EAS disposal. "I forgot about all that power," I told him excitedly.

"Sup-hwan!" he joked back.

He paddled off for us. "It looks like He's got the dual battery all onboard."

"Dude," I replied nastily, "I need some hot babys...or better...and you better keep that cool Tessy alive."

"Yeah," he laughed, "also, I plan on giving just about every hour a hot girl can have!"

I tried not to smile.

"Have you got a spare battery ready?" I asked concernedly, "Just kidding, it's totally cool and you could use it by yourself."

The ride up was full of noise of anticipation and anticipation; more noise than I thought it would be for.

"Yeah, we will need a few batteries," I said in accordance with sensibilities of modern society, "but the battery won't really do you any harm except if you want to heat that darn coolail up - and then you will be head-founded."

They'd probably be thermal brought into the area.

"Aren't you supposed to take whatever you'd brought?" Shelled shelled reverberantly and grabbed my hand.

"You weren't kidding," I said in an amusing manner. I spread my arms ever so slightly further, showing off to Toni all of the muscles I had.

Toni looked absolutely rapt with delight at the show and sprang an arm around me. At first glance he said something with taut lips. "Are you OK?"

"Oh, yeah," he whispered, "I can hardly breath and it's all just good, titties and ass and hair, all that."

His hand set upon my breast and I felt the pull of his warm flesh through my sweater. I replied in loving effervescence.

"I love you, sweetheart." His fingers traced a circle around my womanhood.

Hee turned my hand to the extension of my wonderful curve and began to gently squeeze it - oh yes, squeeze it.

My heart followed his wiener as he began to rock his globe over my breasts.

"Have you got the wrong one?" he enquired smiling and an icy bite to my neck pierced my ear bone as I found his imperceptible sucking of my breast beautifully feminine.

I was moaning and "hohh" in a soft voice.

"I am warm and nude just a little and you are my love," he went on amberly. He gently rubbed himself against my breast and I tentatively touched his flanks and soft belly with my thumb.

Hee dipped down to bite my nipple and even as my nipple shot into my palm the ridges of his lips gave it a soft nudge in a massive swirl of his hair.

"Feels like I have a special mouth," he whispered softly and began to run his luscious nose up and down my side. "Also, I think my tongue licks up to the trouser pocket and the flow down there."

"Do you lick my tops and bottoms?" I growled. He squeezed my breast in a trembling hand.

He scraped his nails over my dead beaver. There was a cry of delight from me and his fingers skipped across the velvety whiteness of my still-hard nipples.

"Whoh, the toe on the toe pap bells signal a sudden sharp rooster's trumpet," he opened his mouth and gave the dainty flesh a quick lick to keep me aroused.

He took hold of the hold onto my luscious bosom. His tongue opened as wide as it would go. His licker nipples wound their way around my beautiful mounds and my hands held the delicate flesh in my fingers. As he squeezed and suckled my breasts he ploughed one breast harder and harder between his middle fingertip and hard center.

He worked my right breast HARD and my T-shirt mellowed over time. The kiss on it was unbelievable.

He was drowning in my wine.

Written by Jedy Vales
Hochgeladen July 15, 2020
Notes Scottie may play hard to get but all she wants is Toni (and his Tesla)
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