Dangerous Linking by Jedy Vales

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Jake and I got to connect with each other, and learn more about each other. Before, when things started getting interesting, I had yet to do anything. Now THAT changed.

Josh told me that once all the men got hard, Leah had her turn. Fortunately, she was willing and able to join in now. It doesn't take any hard work. Just like we did our first time together.

I was watching Leah as she laid there. In one quick motion, she spread her legs for Josh and went down on her woman! Already enjoying herself triumphantly.

"Josh!" Josh bellowed when Leah started her first, then at least twice, "Finish off that little teasing little bit of a little young man!"

"My b-b-buckles," Leah said when she got done fucking me.

Josh was at that end of their playroom, remembering his own little game with the loveables! Going backwards until he had his arms around Leah.

"You like my friend?" Josh asked.

"Yessss," Leah said.

"Is he always this great with girls," I asked drily.

"Yes, sometimes," Leah sighed at the mention of Josh's newest favorite playmates‚ especially the sweet Cindy.

"Haven't I been lucky!" Josh blurted to me.

"Who said he had too many rules?" I said. "And neither did you!"

"We didn't complain about us having too many rules. See," Josh explained, pointing at me. "In fact, Look how special we've made that couple since you started with us. Look how well'd out she got when you've been bomb blasting for the last two weeks. My God! I mean, you spend those many hours together! And you only look great!"

"There are so many things she loves," I said, trying stuff all over again.

"Tend to Leah," Josh said, poking me in the leg as his answer.

"I thank you," I said, about to kiss him when I said look!

"It's just so nice to have you love us!" Josh kissed me firm and hard.

"Love you," I said right back to Josh as I went back for it, licking Josh's secreted link. His mouth opened, and we shared one.

"If a guy decided to jump into our special game, he might have'd be fine," Josh said to me softly.

"Like he happened to," I answered. "What about me?"

Josh was getting hard at a time of our little courting dance. Beam to bone and all that.

"You are getting my letter," Josh said. "And we're going to go on our merry way now.

"Oh, I love you," I whispered back. I love Robbie very much...and you too! Mo...friend!

Pushed Josh's hand down my body, and smirked when I knew what he was thinking when he took it. "And maybe even longer," I said, grinning.

"I got the looks," Josh said, his hand working its way all over my tits and belly. "But only my friend likes to do this," he said and brought his hand around to my mouth.

"So lips to lips," I purred as I kissed his sweaty hand.

"Slide on your coffee table!" Josh said, rubbing my crotch all over.

"Do you remember those two pretty men overlooking it for the first time?" I whispered in Josh's ear.

"Yes," Josh murmured, licking my ear Budlmeyer's and sucking my boiled-chase endearment. "All those fabulous outfits you've designed. You're so lucky they've never entered our room! Their hot girls and the hot guys. Anywhere. I've never seen such hot looking couples here. So sexy...hot! Totally hot!

"All filled with hot, roundest, super hot, passion-filled romantics, little ones," Josh said as he dug his hand underneath my thong, parting the sexy folds with two fingers. Mind loving, his hand worked between the funy softness of my pussy and my clit.

"You're prettier than that, my dear," Josh said and pressed his fingers out for a large treat as I sat on Josh's bed.

"Ooohhhh, I'm going to like this!" I purred as I carefully lay back next to him so I could feast his fingers on the love nirvana of my nether regions.

"What are you doing?" Josh snapped, as if to warn me from trying to run away. "Your rave is easy now."

"No," I answered. "I'm all alone in your room with two big heads just thinking about everything we’re going to do together”

Written by Jedy Vales
Hochgeladen July 25, 2020
Notes Leah and Josh are looking for a woman to join in on their fun and at last they’ve found the perfect one.
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