Al1c3's Adventures in Lesbian Land by Jedy Vales

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"Will you meet me here tomorrow, after football practice?"

"That would be wonderful, let me check on you?" she smiled back at me. I leaned in to whisper in her ear. She laughed lightly and she returned to her conversation with Asti and Elise.

"It'll be warm in Atlanta, being late to the games." I said before slipping back into my chair. "Thank you for the food." She looked up at me with a cheeky smile.

I looked into her eyes for a brief moment. "You're welcome in my room tonight." I smiled as she said it, and began to roll back my skirt.

I knew I flinched as the skirt pulled up against my hip. My eyes widened as my breast was pressed together with her hand moving upwards towards her face.

"-Ooof!" I said with a laugh that quickly turned into a sick laugh. "No I'm fine. You have no idea just how sensitive I am to the outside thoughts. I just realized I have to help you move lady...woman..." The smile returned to her face.

Her hand brushed the back of my skirt.

"Without a towel." I smiled. She smiled at me as she crossed her fingers and lifted the hem of my skirt, raising it a bit before turning her hand back. "That'll help show off your figure." She grinned again.

My hand traveled up the inside of her arm and up past the back of her neck. Her hand also traveled up past her shoulders and carefully cupped her breast in one hand. I knew she was doing the same to myself.

My Underwear addition to the room was already there and I was slinging a hand cover up my freshly shaved mound. It took all of time and effort to put on my underclothes, which were still wet in front of these girl but I knew the wetness would easily smell any dampness when they started exploring my underclothes.

Natasha's hand joined mine at my bare breast.

"Oh my." she whispered in my ear. "That hand...your hand is pure enjoyment. What do you think of that?" Natasha and I exchanged "mmmmmm" of approval at the same time. Asti was grinning at us right next to us, titillated by the reminder that we were in need of a turn-around.

Asti was an expert, in a rush like way, when it came to undressing...there was none of the unnecessary theatrics about shoplifting condoms. But she was pleasantly similar in the lingerie department.

"Wow boy, that's way a talker." she remarked as she watched us air kiss but didn't roll her eyes.

To further further make my point I cupped my big breasts in my hand. These accessories were made of large and firm, flesh colored bubble pods. They looked and felt like bars of licorice floating all over.

"So, I see you've been taking a nap." Noel chuckled as he finished up his restroom.

"Nodeaward chicken!" someone cursed across the sink.

I felt off the air kiss were she kissed me and worry began.

"I was just talking to my girlfriends about what happened yesterday." Natasha snorted out.

"OK, I talked to my girlfriends about the way things worked yesterday as well. Well, I talked to Asti...I wasn't sure Asti were out of the loop but now we can both understand. Asti took nothing back from me." Natasha started apologizing again.

"Why do you know I never fixed your problems?" Noel rolled his eyes.

"Don't you ever call her, or anyone, Noel." Natsha spread herself out and put something on her pants. She really wasn't regretting anything.

"Ryan's in the bedroom with two of our guys." she swore.

"I'm ready, but doesn't everyone have to live in the apartment?" I looked at my watch and realized I was thirty minutes right.

"Tomorrow morning at my office you'll work out for the next few weeks. We know that you two were talk a while ago." Natasha was less concerned that both girls would be calling me tonight. She had her own problems to deal with.

Written by Jedy Vales
Hochgeladen August 1, 2020
Notes Our heroine Al1c3 is playing around with her girlfriends when Natasha’s boyfriend ruins their fun.
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