The Toy

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The Toy
The day was moving slowly. Marc set up his table if action figures at 8 AM. He had a few sales but nothing substantial. He leaned back in his chair looking at the clock. 4:45. Jesus. He still had 15 minutes? He threw his hands up in defeat. “Fuck it” he said. And he began to dismantle his table.
He began pulling down towers of action figures and gingerly placing them in boxes. He was about done putting every thing away. When he heard a voice from behind him. He turned his head and saw a drop dead gorgeous woman. Her jet black hair tied back in a tight bun. She was wearing a black bikini top a choker around her neck. Marcs jaw dropped staring at her.
“Hello?” She said again; trying to knock Marc out of his state of hypnosis. “Hi. Are you there?” “Ummm yeah,” he responded, his voice squeaked “Hi. Yes?”
“Before you box up,” she chuckled. “I was wondering if you had an old vintage wind up toy Like a little soldier?”
“I just boxed it up. Sorry,” he said.
“Oh no. I’ll make you a deal,” she smiles biting her lower lip. “Dig it out for me and I’ll buy you a drink in the hotel bar.”
“Ok!” He said.
“I’ll meet you there.” She smiled and turned away as he began digging through his toys like a dog looking for a bone.
Marc entered the bar to find the woman sitting at a table. She had an old comic book in her hand and was ignoring the advances of bro’s who were going insane they didn’t warrant a glance. She saw Marc enter and smiled and waved.
Marc sat the toy on the table. “Here you go,” he said.
“Thank you. It’s perfect,” she picked it up.
“Sit down. Have a drink.” Marc wasn’t understanding his good fortune but didn’t hesitate to agree.The two sat and talked for a moment and comics and cartoons. But soon Marc felt her foot rub up against his leg. He went silent as it started at his ankle and slowly slide up to his knee. Then back down.
“This isn’t the only toy I’m interested in,” she said looking him in the eyes. “I want another one.”
“Follow me to my room,” she grinned. “I’ll show you.”
She led him up to her hotel room, opened the door and allowed him to go in first. Once inside she shut the door behind her.
“Ok. I’m going to turn you into my toy,” she said. Walking to him and rubbing her hands on his shoulders.
“How do you do that?” He asked.
“I’m going to wind you up and then play with you,” she whispered. She walked over to her bed and sat down. “Ok, Toy, you need to do as I tell you.”
“Alright,” he said.
“Get down on all fours,” she commanded. He did as he was instructed and got down on all fours. “Now, crawl to me.”
He began crawling over to her. As he got close to her she put her foot up, rubbing her sole on his face.
“Kiss my feet,”she said. And he began to softly kiss the soft flesh on her soles and the tips of her toes. His hands began to run up and down her smooth legs. He kept sucking on her toes. Then he started to slide his hand inside of her thigh.
“No!” She said grabbing his hand and moving it away. “You only do as you’re told!”
“Now. Kiss up my leg,” she said. Once again he followed his instructions. Starting to kiss her ankle. Then calf. And he kept moving up her leg. Past her knee. She opened her legs as wide as she could and hiked up her black skirt up, revealing her freshly shaved vagina.
He kissed her inner thigh until he reached her wet pussy. He softly kissed her moist lips and then ran his tongue deep inside of her. She gasped out as his tongue flicked her sensitive clit. She took her hands and pushed his face deeper into her.
“Stand up,” she commanded and he did. “Take your pants off.”
He undid his pants and pulled them down, revealing his hard swollen cock.
“Put that inside of me!l
He grabbed her leg, opening her up, and slowly slide his cock into her. She was dripping wet. He began to slowly slide it out of her and then push it back into her,
“Oh. Yes. Fuck me,” she let out as he penetrated her. He took his free hand and slide her shirt up exposing her breasts. He began to play with her hard nipples as he fucked her.
He kept pumping himself into her. Grunting with each thrust.
“Where do you want it?” He asked as he kept pounding away.
“Anywhere you do.” She said. He pulled himself out of her and grabbed her jet black hair. He pulled her face to his penis. She closed her eyes and opened her mouth, grabbing her hair in his fist and grunting as he covered her face in his hot cum.
“You’re the best toy I’ve ever had.”

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Notes A woman gets a new toy.
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