Containment Breach

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Doctor Brenner jerked awake when the alarms began blaring. For a moment, her world was nothing but a total confusion of flashing red lights and screeching noise. She stumbled to her feet, knocking over the chair she was sitting in and spilling documents and folders onto the floor. The chair tangled her legs, causing her to lose her balance and fall onto her ass.

“Fuck!” She hissed, her tailbone aching and her high-heels scrabbling on the polished concrete floor.

The sharp pain and accompanying surge of adrenaline helped to clear away the cobwebs and she remembered where she was. This was her office, a cramped little research office filled with test results, field reports and endless stacks of containment records. The Facility produced literal tons of paperwork every year. Digital storage was particularly vulnerable to Anomalies and so everything had to have a hard copy...and a backup hard copy...and two other backup copies to be shipped off-site.

She had been working late, trying to catch up on her own personal heap of paperwork: checking test results, adjusting medication levels and approving new tests. It was long, tedious work and a far cry from what she had dreamed of when she was recruited by the Facility. She had imagined herself doing fieldwork, hunting down Anomalies with a black ops squad at her back, or working with Project Rosetta, grappling with concepts that defied logic and science. Instead, she was assigned to level 13: the Icebox. Dedicated to long-term containment, all the Anomalies here were kept secured and unavailable for active testing. She was responsible for ensuring all the Anomalies in her charge were kept stable. It was no wonder she fell asleep in her office. Stable was safe. Stable was boring.

Or at least it used to be.

She found her footing and pulled herself upright once more, ass still smarting. Her office lights were out and the only illumination came from red emergency lights that pulsed in time with the klaxon. She checked her laptop and her phone. Both were unresponsive. She slid a panel aside next to her desk, revealing a video intercom. She pressed the large, cherry-red EMERGENCY button.

“Hello? This is Doctor Vera Brenner!” She yelled, trying to make herself heard over the sound of the alarms, “Hello? Can anybody hear me? This is Doctor Brenner in the Icebox, I need a status report!”

The display flickered to life. It was a mess of screen-tearing and jagged pixels, but she could barely make out the outline of a person. The colors looked like the uniform of ACS: the Anomalous Containment Squad. The speaker next to the screen screeched and hissed, but she could just barely make out a few words.

“Th----ha--b--n-a-co----nment br------code is-----ow Ki------repe----he---de---Yellow King----n-AC- -----nn-l--re to re---t to G-mma---ctor f---tr-ction.”

There was a shriek of feedback from the speaker and the screen went black. Dr. Brenner pressed the call button several more times, hoping to re-establish the connection, but it was no use. However, the few words she had managed to make out made her blood run cold.

Code Yellow King. It wasn't the worst emergency code, but it still was far from good. A Yellow King scenario was not simply a containment breach, it meant that the Anomaly that had escaped was one with the ability to breach containment on several other Anomalies. Which could potentially lead to more Yellow King breaches. Within hours a Yellow King scenario could spiral out of control and lead to a Red Sun scenario or, the absolute worst case: Nightmare Black.

Dr. Brenner stared at the blank screen for several minutes, heart pounding like a sledgehammer against her ribs. She'd been put through all the drills, but she'd never personally experienced anything worse than a “Blue Walker” scenario when a minor, feral Anomaly escaped its shipping crate and badly injured an ACS grunt.

She tried to calm herself and reviewed the procedure for a Yellow King scenario. Since she was a non-combatant she needed to evacuate as quickly as possible and get out of the way so ACS troopers could deal with the escaped Anomalies and initiate sterilization procedures if required. She was a head researcher so normally there would be an ACS team on the way to her office to get her out of danger.

But it was the middle of the night. She wasn't even supposed to be in her office right now and there was no telling how much, if any, of her message made it through the garbled intercom. She was probably on her own and it wouldn't be long until the Icebox went into complete lock-down to prevent the Yellow King situation from spiraling out of control.

That was when the shrieking alarms stuttered and emitted a long drawn off wail that trailed off and then died completely. Several of the red emergency lights flickered and dimmed as well.

That probably wasn't a very good sign.

Dr. Brenner reached under the desk, feeling the cold metal of the handgun held in a concealed holster. She may have been a non-combatant, but every employee of the Facility, even the kid who delivered the mail, was assigned a sidearm and required to spend two hours every month at the shooting range. The gun probably wouldn't be very effective against an Anomaly capable of causing a Yellow King scenario but it was better than nothing and it made her feel safer. At least if things escalated to Nightmare Black she could use it to...

She put the thought from her mind and darted to the door, opening it a crack and peeking into the hallway. It was empty and silent, lit only by the flickering emergency lights. She let out the breath she had been holding...better empty than crawling with horrors.

If she was going to get out of here she'd need to make it to Gamma sector where the emergency evacuation center was located. Fortunately, she had an excellent memory and knew exactly how to navigate the Facility's twisting corridors to get there. Unfortunately, her office was loca

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Written by rpickman
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Notes The story of an almost disastrous containment breach at the Anomalous Containment Facility. Dr. Brenner is the head researcher on the storage level but her job description doesn't include facing down a rampaging Anomalous monster. But she knows what she needs to do to prevent the breach from escalating...even if that involves using her own body as bait.

Contains spanking, masturbation and monster sex.
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